6 Ways to Remineralize Your Teeth

6 Ways to Remineralize Your Teeth

Tooth demineralization is a serious problem that may cause a loss of enamel, cavities, and decay. Fortunately, it is possible to remineralize the teeth. The greatest way to start teeth remineralization is to adjust your diet and adopt a few healthy habits. 

The teeth remineralization process is as easy as practicing your daily oral hygiene routine. Keep reading if you are interested in knowing how to remineralize your teeth, prevent tooth decay, and achieve good oral health.

1. Decrease sugar intake

Sugar itself doesn’t damage your teeth, but it feeds harmful bacteria in your mouth. These bacteria can convert sugars into acids. Acids gradually dissolve the protective outer layer of your teeth decreasing your risk of cavities. The more sugar you consume, the more acid you get. 

It isn’t recommended to eliminate all sugary foods from your diet, but you can replace them with healthy products like fruits. These natural sugars are less likely to damage your teeth and increase the risk of tooth decay if you practice good oral hygiene.

2. Drink enough water

Water can benefit both your overall and oral health. Tap water doesn’t contain sugar and is filled with minerals like fluoride. These minerals help remineralize the teeth and strengthen the enamel. By drinking water, you remove bacteria from your mouth that cause dental issues like gum disease or tooth decay. 

Drinks like coffee or tea do less to remineralize your teeth. Moreover, coffee has high acidity and can take a toll on your oral health. The same applies to soda and juice. They have high acidity and are loaded with sugar. 

3. Use a fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride must be an essential part of your dental routine. Fluoride has an antimicrobial effect. It remineralizes the tooth enamel making it harder. This can decrease your risk of tooth decay significantly. Moreover, toothpaste with fluoride can recover damaged areas of the tooth, making them less susceptible to future mineral loss. 

4. Treat dry mouth

Lack of saliva in the mouth is a dental condition called dry mouth. This condition can increase the risk of gum disease and cavities dramatically. Saliva is an integral part of tooth remineralization. It contains minerals like phosphate and calcium that keep your teeth healthy. Saliva washes away bacteria and food debris from your mouth. Insufficient saliva in the mouth increases the number of harmful bacteria in your mouth. 

Proper hydration, chewing gums, and special rinses can restore saliva production. It is also important to get rid of bad habits like smoking or drinking alcohol to treat dry mouth. 

5. Get calcium and vitamin D supplements

Calcium is the main building block of teeth. Your teeth cannot be strong and healthy without it. To get enough calcium, it is necessary to include in your diet more calcium-rich foods or take calcium supplements. Lack of calcium in the diet can decrease the acid resistance property of the tooth enamel. This increases the risk of cavities significantly. 

To promote calcium absorption you need to get enough vitamin D. By taking vitamin D supplements you may decrease your risk of cavities. You can get vitamin D from foods like eggs, cod liver, butter, and olive oil. Another way to get a sufficient dose of vitamin D is to take supplements. You need to consult the dentist about daily multivitamins that provide a healthy dose of calcium and vitamin D.

6. Eat fewer dairy products

Dairy products are a great source of calcium that strengthens your enamel. However, apart from calcium, dairy products contain an ingredient called lactose. This is a type of sugar that can increase acidity in your mouth. High acidity negatively affects the enamel and can contribute to the development of cavities. 

To minimize the risk, you can replace traditional milk with a lactose-free, almond, or soy milk. These types of milk don’t contain lactose but will provide your body with a healthy dose of calcium. 

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