How To Design Custom Images For Your Blog and Social Media Campaign

How To Design Custom Images For Your Blog and Social Media Campaign

Did you that there are over 6.7 million people who regularly churn out write-ups for their blogging platform? Yes, the figures are overwhelming, but do you know the reason behind why blogging is gaining widespread momentum?

The answer is quite simple. Blogging is a simple yet effective way of getting your message out there. Today with the boom of the internet, there are over millions of web surfers, out of which 70% of users gravitate towards blog posts.

So if you want to increase traffic for your blog and social media campaign then this is the correct time to up your game. And the first step towards garnering high footfalls is having eye-catching images on your site. Today there is a variety of image creator tools present on the web for custom images that make the work easy, but there are certain ground rules that need to be followed.

In this blog below we will discuss in detail how you can leverage custom images for both the blog and social media posts that are sure to reel in readers.

 1.       Follow A Color Scheme:

There are many people who commit the biggest mistake of having the wrong color for their webpage. Just imaging if your blogging site is filled with colors that clash with each other, will it be appealing to the readers? No right? It will turn into an eyesore.

The best way to straighten things out is by creating a color scheme that is visually appealing. Always remember irrespective of which color you use, the background color should always be prominent.

Start out by having pastel colors, or neon colors that look fabulous against a black background. In this way the website design will cater to the audiences widely.

 2.       Create Images That Audiences Can Connect With:

Whenever you create images for your blog make sure it stays relevant to the content. No matter how cool a picture looks, if it is not serving the purpose of the blog’s message, people will refrain from visiting your site.

The same theory applies to the logo as well. Although, the internet today abounds with logo makertools, if the brand identity has nothing to do with the blog, it will not appeal to audiences. Therefore, it is always better to create a specific logo and images for every online post.

Try having business-oriented and professional logos that represent your site and its purpose accurately. In this way you will have more and more audience to like and share your blog posts.

 3.       Get Tabs On What’s Trending:

As with every year, the year 2020 sparked off a lot of trends in the graphic design sector. And this holds well for custom images also. Therefore, when you create images to go on social media or your website, it better to be modern and relevant.

Asymmetry is in vogue right now and can be inculcated in logo design. With the help of logo maker tools from the Designhill studio, you can give your logo an imperfect vibe that resonates well with the audiences.

Apart from Asymmetry, retro designs are also quite popular today. You can incorporate filters and geometric patterns to evoke a feeling of the bygone era. Also, minimalism is trending in graphic design these days. The idea of less is the more has become a gamut for all logo design ideas.

Therefore, inculcate all the above methods which will catch the reader's eye without taking away attention from the blog.

 4.       Know The Basics:

Like with any other field, knowing the basics of graphic design is very paramount. It helps in creating custom images for blogs and social media more profoundly. Try programs such as Pixlr, Photoshop that helps you edit the image you like.

On the other hand, you can also take help from a professional designer. While creating a website is pretty straightforward, designing a logo or image may be fiendishly difficult. Therefore, expert advice will help clear unnecessary roadblocks and make your journey easier.


Why Choose Designhill For Logo or Image Design?

It is true that there is no dearth of tools on the web today. But, choosing the best from the list becomes quite tedious.

Designhill is one of the most trusted websites for both logos and images. The Designhill studio is blessed with logo maker tool where you can create a desirable image in a jiffy. The online site is filled with templates, mockups, and other design elements which helps in easy customization. All these features together make the website a top pick for users around the world.



While designing a logo can be a bit tricky, it is also a lot of fun. Plus, when all these efforts boost the number of clicks for your website, then it becomes more satisfying.

Now that you know the tricks to get custom images right, it is time to get working on the web page. Visit the Designhill website today, add in your specifications, and let the tool create art designs that really stand out. Yes, it's that easy!

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