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So you want your website to make its way through the top search results. You might know a thing or two about content writing and website building, but perhaps you would want to know how to get the visibility that it so rightfully deserves. You seem to come up with the juicy content and all the jazz just keep coming and they turn out to be really great, but you just don’t understand why it’s not even showing up on the first page of the search engine.


Something you need to understand is that there’s a lot more going on with the search engines than just publishing amazing content and great web pages. You have to keep in mind that there are a lot of different ways to achieve those better rankings on the internet and search engines and you have to know how to properly optimize your content to fit.


Here are 5 ways to make your website’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rank better:


1. Take advantage of keywords and use them wisely.

That’s right. Keywords are literally the keyword for this. You need to pick the right search term or phrase that you would want your content to achieve that good ranking. If you write about stuff like what is the most relaxing kind of scented candle, then you need to be certain of what your target audience would be inputting on their search bars.


There are tons of different ways to know which are the best keywords to use and a bunch of tools that will make your keyword hunt more effective and a lot easier. Feel free to take your time and do some research about what the most used keywords are that fits your content. To help you out, the keyword here is “keyword planner.” *wink*


2. You can take your competition as your reference.

There’s nothing wrong with taking some examples directly from the same bunch you’re trying to outrank. That’s just how it goes. It all comes down to whoever does it better. Take a look around and see what they’re doing to achieve good rankings and it would do you best to do the same.


You can check out the current trends and fads with SEO search results like the top 10’s. Some are even nice enough to give you great tips on how they do it and that’s a great thing. Take advantage of those and you might actually be able to zoom your way into the top of the ranks.


3. Take your time and put your all into it.

Yes, it’s the most basic of all the basics. Take your time and think about it. Don’t just go around bombarding your content with a bunch of keywords making it turn out to be nonsensical. You have to really write it properly as a good writer should. Don’t just stop caring about good content just because you want your scores to get up there. You must think about the perfect balance like all things should be.


Back then, you can just do that for real, but times have changed and so did SEO. If you really want to achieve that high ranking, inserting keywords is just one thing. You must really invest in that good quality content that your possible readers will surely enjoy. Make sure you write not just for the scores, but you write your heart out to get that feeling of accomplishment knowing you’ve helped someone out there who is searching for “how to deal with a heartbreak” or something else.


4. Take into consideration how to strategically insert the keywords.

Some of the many ways to help increase your SEO ranking is to insert your keywords in strategic places of your content, but still make sure that it stays as interesting without it. Proper placement of keywords is one way of convincing the search engines that your page should be easy to find.


The different ways to strategically insert keywords are:

  • Add it to your page title - this will definitely help your ranking because it’s literally what the page will be about because of the title.

  • Insert it to your content’s header - taking advantage of the headers makes it easy for people to find what they’re looking for. Organise your content properly and see how it works wonders.

  • Remember to add them to your images’ names and alt tags - to let the search engines know that your images are really relevant with your content. Add the proper names and keywords to them but don’t forget to add some sense into it.

  • Don’t forget about the URL - really make sure to add the keyword to your page’s URL too because it shows the search engines and your target audience that your content is what they’re definitely looking for.

5. Make sure that it’s really out there.

Make good connections with your audience and other content creators by showing them that your content is reliable enough for them. This will urge them to refer to your own content using hyperlinks. It’s practically a give and takes strategy, and it really works. Of course, there’s also nothing wrong with being proud of your own content by utilising internal links. Tell your audience that your other works are great too by adding that hyperlink to some phrases that are related to your other content. By doing this, you are telling the search engines that your content is actually something good and before you know it, your rankings will skyrocket like a charm.



You want a better SEO ranking for your contents and these are some of the tried and tested ways to do it. Just keep in mind that at the end of the day, a proper balance of SEO and content is the best way to not only achieve good rankings but also lead people to the answers that they are looking for.


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