Proven tips to Improve Mobile App Performance and Reduce Latency

Proven tips to Improve Mobile App Performance and Reduce Latency

Having a Smartphone has become an utter necessity in today's fast-paced, technology-driven life. It would not be an overstatement to say that mobile phones are as essential as oxygen to survive in today's world. Numbers also state the same thing as more than two and half billion human beings own a Smartphone around the globe. It has impacted the way we interact with people; at home or office and has become a window to the outside world. Mobile apps are being used in every sector of business. And due to their convenience and ease of usage, they have become the backbone of the modern-day business organizations.

Mobile apps are essential than they have ever been. It becomes even more crucial to keep a note and increase their performance and reduce or nullify the latency. Mobile app development companies and app developers have to understand that they can no longer treat app performance and latency as mutually exclusive problems. They no longer stand as two separate phenomena, as mobile applications are moving towards complexity and expansion in infrastructure.

Thus keeping in mind and considering app performance and latency as the same, we are giving some tried, tested, and proven methods that are needed to take your mobile app to the next level.

Methods to increase the Mobile App Performance and make your Mobile App a front runner in its genre


Mobile apps hold the most significant chunk of global online organic traffic, as they are immensely popular and straightforward to use. As per stats, by 2020, the revenue generated by mobile apps will be around $188.9 million. Thus the mobile app performance becomes a factor that cannot be ignored to stay relevant in the global arena.

Comprehensive App Testing

 Before you roll out the mobile app in the market, be 100% sure about the capabilities of the mobile app. The environment that the mobile app is working would be very different from the test labs, thus releasing a beta version of the mobile app can serve as a helping hand. Check the device compatibility, by going through the screen sizes if the mobile app is both for Android and iOS and foresee the environment in which the mobile app will be working in.

During the testing processes, also see the battery consumption, memory consumption and if the app runs in the background allowing the user to do other works simultaneously. Consumers prefer mobile apps that will enable them to do different jobs as they use their mobile phones for multiple tasks. Moreover, the mobile app should integrate all the social media platforms and should have an interactive UX/UI design to hold the users for a more extended period.

Reduce the Load Time

A mobile app taking much time to load all the features will be the last thing you want if you are a mobile app developer. Remove the features that are not essential, thus increasing the app's performance. Cutting down the irrelevant feature will make your mobile app look clean and also reduce app size and making the mobile app to run at a faster rate. Make sure that you reuse the data templates rather than adding them, thus making the app take less time to load each time the user logs in to the app.

Having an Offline Mode

Creating an offline mode is necessary for an uninterrupted mobile app experience for the user even if the network connection dies down. The Offline Mode will create a buffer in your mobile app so that you can save all your data without the tension of losing the essential files. The Shield will not only protect the data but also give you an option from restarting the work from the point you left once you get into the network area. Offline Mode will offer data security, reliability, and peace of mind to the user.

Network Functionality

 The modern-day mobile devices should be compatible and should have a strong data network as the majority of the mobile apps work online. Network speed should work smoothly across all the tools that the mobile app is designed for and also in every possible network environment. Make sure that your mobile app gives the best performance amongst its peers so that the customer would have a gala of time while using it and give positive 'word of mouth' publicity. If your app tends to completely lose the packet once the internet connection is off, make sure that you give other options to retrieve the data.

Mobile App Latency can become a hindrance for a Mobile App Development Company to provide a seamless experience to the user. We present some methods on how you can correct it

App latency is nothing but the time between the request of the service and execution of it. Having significant app latency can have a significant negative impact on user experience. High latency can interrupt the video streams on your mobile app that may even lead the user to uninstall your app.

Optimizing the Front End

 Front end optimization of the mobile app can play a significant role in creating low mobile app latency environments. You can reduce the number of requests popping up so that the page looks let clustered. The lesser the number of requests, the smaller the app will look chatty. Keep only the required things on the front end and a significant chunk of the mobile app at the back-end so that the user would have only the required sets of choices.

Tried and Tested Routes

 Innovation has always had and will always have an essential place in the mobile app development process. But with a view of minimizing mobile app latency, the organizations should always opt for the tried and tested methods. In the beginning, when an organization has a little knowledge about the taste of the consumers, going by the traditional methods would be a smarter option. Once you get the hold of the likes and dislikes of the customer, you can look to innovate with the mobile app, as these innovations will be calculative and as per requirements. Keeping a note of the idiosyncrasies of the consumers is crucial to create an app with minimum latency.

Periodic Testing

 As it was the way to improve the mobile app performance, testing does the same for reducing latency as well. Through regular testing of the mobile app, you will get to know the areas that need improvement, and thus, when the app rolls out in the market, it would be anything but perfect. Testing will help you solving the queries of the users rapidly as the bugs or shortcomings can be easily diagnosed and treated. Moreover, as the mobile app will be tested in all possible circumstances, it would not have to translate its performance in the real-world as well.


Maintaining and increasing mobile app performance is the key to the app's longevity and success. Reducing latency will add to the production and also increase customer satisfaction as they will have a smooth experience while using the app. The combination of both will enable mobile app developers to bring out the best and stay ahead of their peers at the app store. Mobile app development companies should consider both the indices as one and work towards the improvement of both at once.

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