How to Use Refurbished Apple iPads for Learning: Helpful Tips for Teachers and Students

Teachers these days are seeing the value of integrating technology, such as refurbished Apple iPads, into their classes as it helps streamline their students’ learning. After all, the iPad functions just like a personal computer but only in a more compact and lightweight body that can be stored easily. But for those who aren’t that tech savvy, teaching with an iPad can be a challenging task that you might end up asking, is it really worth using in a classroom?

Advantages of Using iPads in a Classroom Setting

Some old-fashioned teachers may not be overly excited with the idea of using tablets when they teach, but if you take a look at the advantages of using refurbished Apple iPads, you’ll probably reconsider. Just to give you an idea on why many schools are already making use of this technology in their classroom, here are a few known advantages to it.

  • Boost young students’ skills.
    In the UK, a two-year study showed that children who used a tablet in the classroom were more enthusiastic in studying major subjects like Math and Science. This is because technology made them more interesting.

  • Student control.
    Another benefit to using iPads is that teachers can easily monitor their students’ use of the gadget and be able to shut them down when used for other activities. It can also give teachers an idea on how students are faring in their studies which they can use to guide the student in subjects that they are having a hard time with.

  • Less use of paper.
    Traditional learning often involves tons of papers being handed out to students that either get thrown away or forgotten. Unfortunately, this generates plenty of waste. Switching to refurbished iPads can make it easier for teachers to share their teaching modules to their students thus lessening their task of supplying everyone with the materials they need for the day’s lesson.

  • More student participation.
    Students tend to be more communicative through the use of gadgets which can boost their classroom participation especially when they are in groups. The use of the iPad makes it easier for them to share ideas and compile their work for easy access.

  • Taking down notes.
    Another example on how to use iPads in the classroom is to have students use it for note taking. The beauty of using this gadget is that they have the freedom on how they jot down important information during class time. It can be by using a notepad, stickers, or any other app that lets them record or write details with ease. This way, students will be more inclined to listen and save details that they think are worth retaining from the lectures you have been giving.

  • Research purposes.
    There are instances when teachers cannot answer their students properly. When this happens, using the gadget can help them research about the topic to get answers quickly. This can also be used in group projects where students can browse through the internet for the topics assigned to them and for easy compilation of information to be presented at a later date. The best part is that they can simply send in their report or share with the rest of the class through syncing as they deliver their report at the front of the class.

  • Create music.
    Teachers who are handling young children can keep them happy and eager to learn by using an iPad to create songs or music to entertain their students with. There are several applications that can be downloaded that help you compose or put together sounds and songs that your kids will enjoy. You don’t even need an experience to play with music applications on your iPad because everything is laid out and simplified for your classroom use.

  • Travel the world.
    Thanks to Google Maps, you can bring your students to different parts of the globe without leaving the classroom. Using refurbished Apple iPads, everyone can view a location through their tablets and you can even leave nuggets of fun facts on the screen for students to read. This is perfect for history lessons as students can become immersed in the lesson since they are able to visualize the place better through their tablets.

  • Comic book making.
    Encourage your students to become more creative by transforming them into storytellers. Give them the freedom to create a comic book through their tablets. This is perfect for young children who have a vast imagination which they can harness through their gadgets. And since this device can save programs for comic book making, your students will have all the tools they will need for bringing their idea to life.

  • Learning languages.
    Having trouble translating phrases written in different languages? You and your students can translate them quickly through their tablet. Using this gadget can also be advantageous to students who are into learning different languages since there are applications that they can download and use to learn how words are pronounced and used.

Tips for Teaching with an iPad

Not all teachers are adept in using technology in the classroom but this is something that can be learned if you apply yourself to it. Fortunately, learning how to use an iPad is not that difficult to do especially when you follow these tips.

  • Remove in-app purchase. This tip is for teachers who share their iPad with their students to avoid getting charged for purchases that you are not aware of. Open the Settings on your iPad, then select General. Look for Restrictions on the list and press it. Look for the option that says “Allowed Content” then turn off the option for in-app purchasing.
  • Connect to Projector or HDTV. Another tip on how to use iPad in the classroom is to display the contents of your iPad on the HDTV or projector. Simply connect the tablet using the digital AV adapter and you will be able to create interactive lessons for your students with minimal difficulty.
  • Curate work. Let your students revisit their old notes or essays and teach them how they can refine their thoughts in a more organized fashion. Using an iPad can also help you organize your lessons for the week or for the school year by creating a calendar of activities.
  • Screenshot. If you are doing your research for a topic you will be discussing in your class, instead of copying the link or typing the article on your PC, take a screenshot instead. To do this, you will need to press down on the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time. The screenshot will then be stored in your device under the album with the same name.
  • Record your thoughts. Another way to take advantage of a refurbished iPad is to talk to it rather than type. Just press on the microphone on the keyboard then talk about what you want to type into your gadget including the punctuations. This way, you will be able to multitask easily.
  • Do not disturb. The iPad is a handy gadget to have as a teacher, but it can also be a source of distraction when notifications start coming in. The best way to avoid this is to schedule the Do Not Disturb feature so that no calls, texts, or alerts will disrupt your class. Simply open Settings then look for the option for Do Not Disturb and toggle it.
  • Quick search. If you need to find information quickly, you will be happy to know that your iPad can help you out. Take advantage of the Spotlight Search by swiping downwards from your home screen. This will display the search tab where you can type what you have been looking for.
  • Organize programs. You may have downloaded several programs to use for your class which can clutter your display. The best way to keep things organized is to put these apps in their respective folders. Simply drag one application over another for a folder to appear. Rename it as you see fit for easy access to the available apps there.
  • Open websites side by side. It is possible for you to view two websites at the same time. Simply put your device in landscape position. Hold the link of the site until you see a menu displayed on your screen. Choose Open in Split View.


Using Refurbished Apple iPads in a classroom setting does have its perks both for the teacher and the students. Since we are living in an age where technology has become part and parcel of our daily lives, there is nothing wrong with utilizing this tech in the classroom. You can see from the advantages and tips mentioned above that you can do tons with this technology that can help improve your students’ learning.

Apple’s iPads offer numerous features and functions that can be beneficial to everyone. Regardless of whether your students are young children or teenagers, you will find that utilizing technology can help them become more responsive and productive too as long as there are restrictions in place.

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