Modern and versatile ways of website monitoring for everyone

Modern and versatile ways of website monitoring for everyone

If you ask any experienced webmaster about the most vital thing to remember about the job, everyone will say that it’s monitoring the stability and accessibility of any website under your maintenance. If you ask about details, you’ll drown under a lot of terms which will define the mostly used tools. And, of course, among those tools will be various protocol availability and accessibility checks, loading speed tests, data integrity overviews and even server hardware stability monitors.

monitoring the stability and accessibility of any website

And if you ask me, along with some more versatile webmasters who made their way to being a pro using some modern stuff, you’ll have a different answer. I’d recommend you to find yourself a well-made toolkit which’ll cover all things mentioned above. I’m using a HostTracker website monitoring platform and a slight software backup just in case of its shutdown. I highly doubt its possibility though, but sometimes shit happens. 

So, back to the topic, I’m advising you to simply sign up an try its free trial which’ll last for 30 days after registration. It's a purely simple testing ground for webmasters to play around with its services before paying for subscription. Everything I had mentioned as checks and tests required for webmasters and a lot more services will be there. If you’re not a skilled one webmaster or even a full newbie, you’ll be able to learn everything by simply reading Blog and FAQ or even asking its Support Service for help in some sticky situations.

And you can literally make a fully automated website monitoring helper out of HostTracker services when you learn how to deal with configuration and adjustment routines for those. And those services will not only work on schedule you designated, generating detailed reports after every single run, but also will be notifying you about any sufficient trouble. You can even add your own reasons for alerts or configure this instant notification system to send an HTML POST request to reboot server and retry before alerting you about troubles. 

So I’d recommend you to try HostTracker services out, once more reminding you that you won’t even need to add a payment method to your account to use free 30 days of its Trial Package. It’ll be free for you, and its configuration sequences are really easy to handle even for newbies. On top of that, you’ll gain a lot of useful info on website monitoring from its large knowledge base and support service.

Moreover, all those monitoring services will be absolutely free for the month after account creation. Trial Package is designed to give an opportunity to test everything out for every new user before purchasing a paid subscription. It’s unlimited by all means, so you’ll be able to do whatever you want and learn all configuration sequences. To do that, you’ll have access to a free knowledge base. 

Furthermore, you’ll have full access to a HostTracker instant alerts which could be added to every single monitoring service, so it’ll notify you if there’s something wrong with your checks and tests as well as with data inside the reports. It’ll make everything purely automated, so you’ll be able to learn everything you need, write your own scripts, configure required software and everything else every webmaster might need to be the pro. In other words, you’ll have a ton of free time to deal with a lot of important tasks.


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