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Hello Dear Voticle Readers,

Whatsup? So it is 2020 and everyone is looking to make some side cash here and there to meet the financial expectation from family, friends or self. Reality is that whatever you may be earning, there is always something that you cannot buy even if you have a decent job.

Everyone loves a side cash project. And online money making has boomed in a big way lately. There are countless ads and real opportunities these days to earn online. Some pseudo gurus are making quite a lot promising young gullible internet users some program or crazy software that woud make them rich in a few days to few months time.This brings us to our next heading

The Challenges For Beginners:

The biggest challenge any starting individual in money making niche faces is distractions by false promises.

The False Promises:

I have myself lost some money on these crazy to believe offers and i know some people who lost money too. It is a real thing, newbies in online money making niche get burned early.

Even you may have come across these ads and these pseudo gurus. They are everywhere! So when i started my new blog(rcently) i thought, it would certainly be ineteresting to find out about online money making ways and share it with you guys.

Organic Reach Getting Difficult:

I researched and found out that generating a steady flow of income from online sources is not easy at all. In fact it is getting pretty hard day by day.There are 2 million estimated blog posts being published on a daily basis.

The effort it takes to make an online presence far exceeds the effort it takes to write an impressive cv for a job. The only sustainable way to make handsome money online is through blogging and freelancing. But it takes hard work.

After you have created the content, you must undergo on page seo, then comes the off page seo. And off page seo is getting tricky day by day as google(the father of oranic reach) keeps changing it's algorithym.

I a not discouraging anyone here, i am just stating the facts. Peope are getting success from their bog content.

But they are hard working people. And this article is not for those people Laughing

The Lazy Way:

I wanted to find something very doable for lazy beginners like me so that they can start somewhere. One fine day i stumbled upon thes PTC Sites. These sites offer it's users money(pennies really) to view ads. But it doesn't stop here. You can take surveys from different survey provider companies on these websites too. And you can do mini tasks on these websites provided by a service called appen. I thought to myself, it doesn't have that much of earning potential.

Then i found the holy grail of these websites. Turns out, you can earn a portion of money from the work of people you have referred to these websites. So if you have moe than a few friends on social media, you can recomend these sites. You can earn upto a few dollars a day. Nothing crazy, but hey, not much work too right!

For those who don't have much social media presence there are other ways to advertise freely their referral links. It would not make you rich but it woud certaily make you some side cash. And after some time it may accumulate to an amount that you can buy something extravagant for yourself or your loved ones.

It is certainly an interesting offer these ptc sites. The positive side to these ptc websites is that they are free to join and don't make any false clais to it's users. Now you may want to checkout the autheticity of these websites before joining so that your hard work Wink doesn't go wasted! 

You can Checkout Best PTC Sites to Join here.



On the surfce, online money making niche promises interested people bright and shiny things. When done in real life it turns out not to be that easy. In this article I have focused on lazy individuals that wnt to start with making some side cash online.

This way woud not generate you more than a few dollars a day but it is a good start nonetheless.

For those who are serious and can work hard, there is no limit to what they can do. But this requires for a seperate new article.

I really want your opinion on this so comment like share




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