How To Know If You Are Suffering From Vein Disease


Vein disease is very common and affects as many as 1 out of every 4 persons. Not all patients with vein disease present with visible varicose veins in the legs , which leads to under-diagnosis and under-treatment. It is not uncommon for patients to present to varicose vein doctor in NJ at later stages of the CEAP staging system due to under-recognition of symptoms at earlier stages.

Unfortunately, the symptoms are not well recognized by non vein doctors, and the leg symptoms from varicose veins are often be attributed to other factors. Many patients are evaluated for primarily cardiac or neurologic conditions, and once those conditions are excluded, no further work-up is recommended. Vein disease is not always considered because varicose veins are not always seen and thus not tested. There also is the false perception that vein disease is harmless. You have to be your own advocate and seek out the top vein doctors in NJ!


The symptoms often overlap with other conditions including leg swelling from heart failure or pain from diabetic conditions. In many instances, vein disease is the overlooked problem and patients are never referred for a vein evaluation, despite simple diagnostic tools such as ultrasound to confirm a diagnosis. A vein ultrasound can be performed during the initial consultation if vein disease is suspected. The test takes about 30-45 minutes with results being available real time. The key measure vein doctors are looking for are the size of the superficial veins and the presence of any backward flow of blood with gravity. This is referred to as venous reflux and greater than 500 milliseconds is considered abnormal resulting from damaged venous valves. The condition cannot easily correct itself and often is progressive with long term further dilation of veins and development of symptoms.

Risk Factors

Certain factors are definitely associated with an increase risk of developing venous insufficiency:

  • Female gender
  • Age
  • Prolonged standing or sitting at occupation or work at home
  • Long commutes (service industries such as train conductors, truck drivers, businessmen/women, bus drivers, sales)
  • History of DVT
  • Genetics
  • Smoking
  • Obesity

Things to Look Out For:

It’s unfortunate because vein disease and its symptoms are highly responsive to treatment when early management is achieved. The symptoms of vein disease should be considered when the following signs or symptoms are met:

· Visible varicose veins or spider veins

· Leg discoloration over the shins (chronic venous stasis)

· Leg swelling

· Leg pain

· Heaviness in legs

· Restless legs

· Itching

If you have any of the following conditions, then a consultation with a varicose vein center is recommended. Diagnosis can be simply made with an in office consultation and ultrasound.  The ultrasound is designed to evaluate the superficial and deep veins with attention on structure and function.  Diagnosis of venous insufficiency depends on abnormal size and venous reflux that can be corrected with varicose vein treatments such as ablation and sclerotherapy.  


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