How to Get Driving Lessons East Ham Amid Lockdown?

How to Get Driving Lessons East Ham Amid Lockdown?

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Coronavirus and lockdowns have caused drastic changes in our lives. A city full of life has turned deserted. Driving centers giving driving lessons East Ham has also closed down. In this situation, the new learners and their parents are tempted to use this opportunity and practice driving in real. However, the government has imposed several safety guidelines that need to be followed, and that includes staying homes and come out only in case of emergency. 

Learning with family members pose different challenges that can be dangerous. It can make drivers learn bad habits, and without dual controls, it can be very dangerous. However, it is not the best time to go out and learn driving lessons. At this unprecedented situation, you can avail of this opportunity and brush up on theoretical skills that are important to make them safe drivers. Below are the tips that can help you sharpen your skills during the lockdown. Click here for more information.

1. Excel the theory test

Research has shown that 48% of drivers pass the theory test. This is because learners give more focus on the practical side of getting a driving license. If they do proper study, the learner can pass the test will flying colors and get a solid grasp of the theory. It is a theory that helps the driver excel in the practical side as well.

The theory test consists of 50 multiple choice questions and to pass it the learner need to get at least 43 right. Also, the experts recommend the driver to do at least 20 hours of revision before the test. Check out Company’s revision schedules here.

2. Know all traffic signs

Knowing all the traffic signs and their meaning is crucial to becoming a safe and confident driver. Print the images of all the road signs in your mind. Hang the signs at various points on your house and test yourself as you cross through those points. The best places to hang them is the intersection of the hallway between the bathroom and your bedroom. 

3. Quiz your family and friends

A new app zoom has become popular for socializing during the lockdown. So use this opportunity and test your friends driving knowledge or your parents by asking various questions. It helps you to revise what you have learned and prepared questions from the information you find. It helps you in learning that information that you find difficult in remembering. Testing actually helps in reinforcing your own knowledge. 

4. Prepare for hazard perception test 

The hazard perception test is something on which the students get stuck. It tests the driver's ability to recognize hazards on the road and respond to them quickly. It is also an important part to become a safe driver. Sharpen your skills by viewing the hazard perception clips online and give test online. To pass it with flying colors, you just need to practice, practice, and practice.

5. Show me, tell me

Ask me and ill show you are an important part of the practical test. The first section of "asks me" refers to ask questions at the beginning of the test when the car is not moving and the second section of "show you" is asked during driving, only at the time it is safe to do. That is one segment of the practical test that can be brushed up on not having to take to the streets.

There are many online tutorials for this part of the test, but all fresh learners can ask their instructor for examples to practice in their own free time. To test your self, get your circle of relatives to ask you the questions and practice informing them. You must also get familiar with the controls of the automobile, such as the de-mister, cleaning the windscreen, and dipped lights. This could be done from the safe area of your driveway in a parked automobile if one has it.

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