Is it Better to Get Nutrients From Food or Supplements?

Is it Better to Get Nutrients From Food or Supplements?

There are so many factors associated with living a healthy lifestyle. There are two main things recommended by experts: eating a healthy diet and following adequate exercise routines. Studies reveal that eating nutrient-rich food such as vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, and legumes can help people to maintain desired energy levels. At the same time, it is the most trusted way to ward off several illnesses.

Nutrient deficiencies can lead to higher susceptibility to a variety of ailments. For instance, if a person is suffering from lack of vitamin D, he is more likely to contract respiratory infections, common cold and many other diseases. Hence, it is important to maintain the proper intake of all nutrients to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Adequate intake of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA), minerals and vitamins can be maintained by following a balanced routine diet. Many experts also recommend taking supplements to ensure additional nutrient support for a healthy life. However, at the same time, it is important to understand that relying too much on supplements can also pose dangerous side effects on your overall health.

What studies say about nutrient supplements?

The fresh food that we consume everyday is loaded with a variety of necessary nutrients such as vitamin C, A, calcium and magnesium. But many studies reveal that a large number of older adults are not able to get the required level of nutrients from their normal diet. If we talk about a typical American diet, it is loaded with several refined grains, processed foods and added sugars; all of them make our body prone to chronic diseases and inflammation. There are few trusted sources of nutrients that are recommended by experts; the list includes lean beef, sunflower seeds, tuna, and leafy greens for vitamin B. You can focus on salmon, yogurt and orange juice to get vitamin D. Liver, chickpeas, beans, sesame seeds and lentils are recommended for iron, whereas dairy products are suitable for maintaining calcium intake.

One study reveals that as we start ageing, our body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food starts decaying. Hence, at this stage, some support from supplements may be required. The evidence about dietary supplements reveals that they can plug gaps in the diet with ease. However, heavy intake of these supplements is again harmful. Moreover, when you take a specific type of nutrient toa large extent, it can show a reverse impact on your health. For instance, taking vitamin A supplements more often can lead to higher toxicity levels.

There are mixed evidences about the effectiveness of multivitamins on the human body. A recent health study shows that consuming multivitamins can help people reverse the risk factors of cataracts and cancer; however, it is not capable enough to deal with the risks associated with heart disease. Another study published in the year 2015 shows that multivitamins can promote heart health in females, but the same is not true for men.

How to make a decision?

Experienced medical health professionals say that one should try to improve diet before considering supplements. It is just because you can achieve the purest form of nutrients from natural foods. The natural ingredients are loaded with many beneficial elements such as hundreds of minerals, vitamins, natural flavonoids,bcaa, carotenoids and antioxidants that are missing in artificial supplements.

Moreover, the taste of food is always better than supplements. At the same time, natural diet improvement can help you save more as supplements are usually quite expensive. Before choosing any supplement for your healthy routines, it is better to consult medical health professionals. They may judge the deficiencies in your body and may recommend the most reliable supplement options to meet your health requirements. The intake must be monitored by experts so that side effects can be avoided.

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