When Posture Is Correct and How to Get It

When Posture Is Correct and How to Get It

Correct, beautiful posture not only creates our inner mood, but also contributes to the normal functioning of the whole body. Unfortunately, it’s hard to monitor a posture all the time, so eventually problems with the spine may arise. How can you help yourself in this seemingly difficult affair?

How the correct posture looks 

Ideally, you should remain in a state of maximum comfort, in which all muscles are relaxed, movement does not require much effort. These are the key points of a correct posture:

  • The head is raised and does not lean back or forward. It is on the same vertical line with the whole body.

  • The shoulders are spreaded and slightly lowered. They should be at the same level. To determine the position of your shoulders with correct posture, try the following exercise: lift your shoulders as you inhale, and pull back as you exhale. Fix this position. This is the correct posture of the shoulder girdle.

  • Your back is straight.

  • The chest is raised.

  • The stomach is pulled in.

To assess your overall posture, stand with your back against a wall. The feet should be closed, the head touches the wall, the arms should be lowered. Posture is good if it is difficult to fit a palm between the waist and the wall. If this is not the case, it is necessary to strengthen the abdominal muscles so that the spine does not deflect forward.

Why it’s so hard to maintain a good posture

Disturbances in correct posture can occur for many reasons: with age muscles weaken and lose flexibility. Office workers spend too much time at the computer, without paying attention to how they sit. Smartphone lovers are prone to “text neck” occurrence, which violates the blood flow to the brain. 

Another reason is associated with drivers who don’t adjust their seats correctly and prefer to lean forward. The next risk factor is lifting heavy objects. It is important to reduce the stress on back muscles, otherwise your body will be prone to compensate for the load, so the posture becomes curved.

When the posture changes, the gait also changes, breathing becomes shallow, the vital capacity of the lungs decreases, a feeling of discomfort and back pain appears. Changes in the spine, shoulder girdle, chest, etc. can even cause diseases of the internal organs.

How you can straighten your posture

Constant awareness is hard to achieve. Many things can distract you throughout the day and here you slouch again. You can help your body get adjusted to the correct position with these little tips:

  1. Constant physical activity. Walking and exercising fill your body with energy and somehow you notice that your body straightens up. Your core muscles are responsible for supporting and stabilizing your spine. Such exercises as a plank or a superman will be really beneficial for your posture.

  2. Control of the load on the spine when wearing backpacks, bags and briefcases. A too heavy load on one side of your body may cause your body to lean together with your shoulders.

  3. Control over the position of the body while sitting. Adjust your chair, so you don’t need to scrouch. You may put a cushion behind your back for more comfort.

  4. Sleeping on a firm mattress. You will notice that your sleep improves, as your body doesn’t fall between the lumps of a soft bed.

  5. Good quality shoes will help smooth out posture disorders in the pelvic area. A good heel support and cushioning are a must. Also, try to avoid high heels, as they not only create excessive stress on your legs and feet, but have a bad impact on your spine.

And the main thing that you need to do always and everywhere, if you want to stay healthy and have a beautiful posture, is to control yourself. Your back should be straight and your head up. After a certain time, you will do this even subconsciously.

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