Why Do Men Date Women Half Their Age?

Men need to date women who are half their current age, but plus seven. This is one of the oldest dating rules known to man, and whose origins can be traced back all the way to 1901. It also happens to be a rule that raises a lot of concern to men who are interested in dating or looking to date women younger than them. However, it’s important to note that dating young also comes with various benefits.
Being older means that you have already gotten tired of the club scene and are more interested in getting into a meaningful relationship with the woman. This presents the ideal set of circumstances for both parties. In such a case, the woman is just getting into the prime of her life.
On your end, the time has come for you to settle down and to look forward to that area of your life when the connections hold more meaning and companionship is real. It’s easier for love to thrive when you are an older guy dating a woman who is much younger than you. It gets to thrive because you both have the right level of maturity and communication between you two.
The woman also knows that the man she’s is about to start dating has everything she needs. Having dated men her own age, she’s fully aware of the fact that men in her age group aren’t up to the task and challenges ahead. It’s the sole reason why younger women who are currently dating older men are presumed to bring about vitality, vibrancy, and youth to their relationship.

Why Do I Find Myself Being Sexually Attracted to Older Guys?

Many new studies are advancing the theory that the best time for one to get married is when they are between the ages of twenty-eight and thirty-two years. Those advancing this theory hold that this is the perfect time for those who want to settle down and not get separated or divorced before they have separated their fifth wedding anniversary.
Before we can look at this line of reasoning: don’t think about shooting me if you have passed that age and are yet to settle down.
Regardless of how you look to approach this subject, you need to know how to date women who are younger than you. At the end of the day, it is something that will normally come with numerous unique challenges.

Younger Women Dating Older Men 101

The reality is that every person is unique in his or her own way. In the same breath, you will find that all individuals tend to possess their own values and attitude to life. This is what makes it hard for a person to try and foresee what’s likely to occur in a relationship where the woman is younger than the man she’s dating.
The thing to do is to try and always remember that:
• While you may both agree that you are not ready for kids at the moment, you should ask yourselves whether you will want them at some point. The main goal is to support each other’s career choices and goals until you are both ready.
• Age shouldn’t be used as an indicator of whether a relationship will fail or succeed. There are very many factors that must be considered.
• Couples with a difference of one year also go through divorces and breakups
• Dating a woman who is younger than you takes a lot of mastery and strength, more so when it comes to keeping your relationship alive.
In their attempt to explain the notion that older men dating younger women have the upper hand in their relationship, De Leon and Collisson came to the conclusion that the labels applied by people attempting to explain and describe age-gap relationships often mean that there’s a relational inequity between the two.
Age is never a problem in many relationships. It only becomes a problem when the parties dating decides to make it one. Courting a woman younger than you should never be approached from the age perspective. A look around at some of the men dating younger girls don’t approach their relationships from the age perspective.
Rather, they often opt to ensure that their relationships remain relaxed, fun, and light. And the most important thing is that they do not attempt to lock the girls they are dating into commitments unless the women have expressed their desire to take things into the next level.

Is It Possible for 15-Year-Olds to Go Out with 17-Year-Olds?

Taking this rule into account, it implies that the only time a guy can date a woman who is in the same age group as he is when the guy is fourteen years. This is because half of fourteen is seven and when you add seven to seven you end up with fourteen once again. In short, if you are currently twenty years old, the only woman you can date when you consider this rule is a seventeen-year-old.
It’s possible to make sure that the woman will not feel pressured in that relationship by first taking time to understand the stage she’s in, in her life. As such, be on the lookout for red flags that may show that the woman is at a point where she is not looking to focus on personal growth.
There are younger girls who are only interested in having fun. For men looking for relationships with younger women, they will need to confirm that the woman is also looking for the same thing as them.

What About a Four-Year Age Gap?

What makes an age gap of four years and four months the best for any relationship? According to a new survey commissioned by, this is the ideal age-gap between parties in a relationship.
But the woman will need to be younger than her man!
An age-gap of up to fifteen years is big, especially for men looking to date younger women. The relationship between the two will not always feel the same when dealing with such a gap.
But just because this difference is significant doesn’t mean that you should let it get to you. You need to be proud that the woman you are dating wants to be with you, and spend time with you.
It’s not uncommon for people to want to frown on such relationships. But if the woman you are courting means anything to you, then it should be easy for you to deflate negative comments.

Rules to Dating Younger Women

Some studies suggest that older men who date young tend to live better and longer lives. But there are certain commandments to dating and attracting younger women.
1. Treat the woman as your girlfriend, and not just a casual fling. One of the problems faced by women when it comes to dating is guys choosing to play games with them. Issues such as ghosting the woman and texting her back after three weeks are not something that will go down well with many of them.
2. Do not make the relationship with her all about sex. While it is, in fact, awesome, you need some intellectual spark and romance for it to continue thriving.
3. Always try to act your age. Depending on the guy’s age, you can be sure that the woman will be expecting a certain kind of maturity. This calls for you to know who you are, and be someone that the woman can learn a few things from.
4. Let the woman live her life. Just because you are ready doesn’t mean that she is ready to live on your timeline. It’s good to let her live on her own terms.

The Takeaway

Younger women have always wanted to date older guys. It’s something that can be seen from the early days. Dating younger women comes with numerous benefits. But it is something that requires lots of experience and thinking for your relationship to continue thriving.
A man past forty years will have reached a given level of emotional maturity that his younger counterparts cannot compete with. This means that a woman looking for constant drama in their lives will not be comfortable dating older men, but will prefer someone who is closer to their current age.

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