Facial Vein Removal Treatment in NYC

If you’re suffering from facial veins, rest assured that you’re not alone.

Nearly half of the female population over the age of 50 has spider veins on their face. Caused by malfunctioning vein valves, they’re usually a hereditary condition. Fortunately, modern medicine has several non-invasive techniques to rid you of this affliction. If you want your face to look younger and fresh again, call the experts at the vein center in New York to schedule an appointment. Do it today!

Facial veins, also known as facial spider veins, are winding, thread-like red or blue veins on your face. The term spider veins refers to the tendency of these veins to spread out in a spider web configuration. While not typically painful, facial veins can cause discomfort or embarrassment. Additionally, they may be the outward sign of an underlying health condition.

Face veins that appear just below the surface of your skin usually are the result of blood vessels that have broken due to damaged valves within the veins. These valves regulate the flow of blood to your heart. When they malfunction, the blood can pool or even flow backward, causing the veins to stretch and bulge. The distended veins appear larger and darker than normal, creating the effect of spider veins.

Causes of Facial Spider Veins

Facial spider veins tend to appear most often in aging female adults, although there are always exceptions. Most spider veins form on the nose, cheeks, or chin. Typically, they don’t pose serious medical concerns, but you need to get confirmation of their non-threatening nature from an experienced vein doctor. At the vein treatment clinic in NYC, Dr. Dmitry Gorelik provides a firm diagnosis and the knowledge for how to get rid of spider veins on your face.

The most common causes of facial veins include:

  • Genes. Large facial veins can be a hereditary trait.
  • Sun exposure. Sun damage to the skin causes your veins to enlarge. Peeling skin can make blood vessels seem larger and more noticeable.
  • Pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy cause veins to enlarge. These swollen veins typically appear in the face, neck, hands or legs. Facial veins caused by pregnancy are usually temporary, disappearing within a few weeks of childbirth.
  • Rosacea. A common skin disease that causes a flushed skin tone, rosacea is also responsible for spider veins on the face.
  • Alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking dilates veins and can even cause blood vessels to burst. The damaged facial veins become inflamed and more visible.

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