Get More Google Reviews in Just 12 Simple Ways

Digital Businesses often have these concerns like --- How to get more Google reviews for business or how to create a Google Review link to send it to the customers? 

These concerns are normal and every brand online must anticipate them, because more positive Google reviews highlight any brand’s visibility and reliability for other prospects (who are confused about whether to invest in a certain brand or not).

It does not just help your prospects in making the informed decisions, it helps your brand as well. The constructive reviews or feedback as a combination of both negative and positive ones give your brand a scope to prepare and deliver more improved products/services for the current and future buyers.

Why should I ask customers to review my business on Google? Because:

  • 88% of customers trust online reviews just like they would personal recommendations.

  • 90% of customers prefer watching online reviews for any business before approaching it.

  • 10 % of website traffic is acquired from reviews, out of which 90% of customers are influenced by the reviews.

  • 23% will visit the brand/business premises directly after reading their positive reviews.

  • 57% of prospecs expect a local business to have online reviews more than 11.

  • Going from a 3-star to 5-star helps businesses get 25% more clicks from Google.

  • 7 out of 10 people will leave a review if they are asked to. 

Do you know only 23% of customers have actually written and submitted a review online? (Heck! because businesses don’t know how to get Google reviews in bulk!)

Google Review for Business is important as it helps with:

  • Gaining the authoritative backlinks which increase the website’s traffic.

  • Improving the website’s visibility and ranking in SERP.

  • Convincing the prospects to convert into customers.

Online reviews are an important aspect of the conversion process as they convince the “just website visitors” to convert into “Buying customers”. However, to keep the cycle of visitors to buying customers moving, as a brand, it is your duty to timely nudge & remind those customers by circulating a link for Google reviews to share their feedback or experiences (whether negative or positive)  in the form of reviews.

Wondering how can you create a link to Google reviews? Here’s how you can.

Generate a Link for Google Reviews

Here are the few steps on how you can create a link to Google reviews (Google My Business) window. 

  1. Visit the Google Places API.

  2. There you will see a map with an empty field called “Enter a Location”, enter your business name into that field.

  1. Select the business name that appears in the list.

  1. You will see a place ID below your business name.

4. Take up that Place ID and put it after the following link where the term “Here” is written. = “Here”

5. When you have the above complete Google Review Link, run it in your browser, and it will open the search result page in the ghosting effect highlighted with a Google Review Window -- all set to be filled by the users.


These are the 5 simple steps to create Google Review Link for your website, create it, and share it with your customers to come and fill it. 

And now you know “Why I should ask customers to review my business on Google”, Here are the 12 real ways to convince the customers to open the link for Google reviews for your business and fill it.

12 Proven Ways to Get More Reviews on Google

  1. Ask for the reviews from the customers

  2. Provide great customer service

  3. Respond smartly to the bad reviews

  4. Take help of third-party review generation tools

  5. Get reviews everywhere - apart from just Google My Business

  6. Offer some incentive to tempt the audience

  7. Put the Google review link in the email signature

  8. Educate your customers on how to leave Google reviews

  9. Use QR code to link to Google Reviews Pages

  10. Leave a review for your Business Partners

  11. Follow-up on your review requests multiple times

  12. Just keep being awesome!

 1. Ask for the reviews from the customers

You know one reason why your business does not get reviews is that you don’t explicitly ask for it.

You know many restaurants and dentists have this banner or posters about online ratings over their appointment reception desks or the seat reservation podium. That’s offline, even many businesses prefer to leave the link to Google reviews over their websites --- you can do that as well.

Ask directly to your customers at different touchpoints where they are most active on --- for leaving their real experiences in the form of review via your created link.

Be it during the phone conversation, social media chat, or so - ask the customers to put their emotions whether good or bad in a review form.

Provide great customer service

  • The other best way to invite more reviews is to provide stellar and satisfactory customer services.

  • When you produce or sell exceptional products and deliver them with seamless services, nothing can stop the users from reviewing your brand with what they experienced after using your products/services.

  • You can put your customer-facing teams in line to identify the areas where your services or products are not matching to the taste or interests of your users. Once you know those areas, view them, and treat them to get more positive reviews.

3. Respond smartly to the bad reviews

Don’t lose your cool when you see a negatively written review. Keep Calm!

When you get a positive review, just use courteous words to sound thankful. In the case of negative ones:

  • Analyze the cause of the negative reviews.

  • Respond with apologetic phrases (if failures are from your part).

  • Then take and respond to the issue in private.

As a business, it is completely normal to have negative reviews. Most of the time customers wrongfully mistake the products matching their interests due to misreading certain product features while ordering it (like ordering polyester curtains thinking cotton), or sometimes it is your brand that fails to deliver the quality. In both cases, be a bigger brand that reaches out to customers’ queries. Because when you do it, you sound concerned and attract the attention of the other customers’ reviews.

4. Take help of third-party review generation tools

It can be tiring to personally manage the reviews, especially when you run a franchise business model with so many branches in different locations. 

There, to get effective with the reviewing process there are various third-party review generation tools like review buzz that helps you get reviews for platforms like Google, BBB (Better Business Bureau), Facebook. And helps online customers get positive reviews to identify whom to call for availing certain services.

Review Buzz isn’t free but has a free 30-days trial. And more best you can do is contact a digital marketing company that has access to such hundreds of paid as well as free source tools.

5. Get reviews everywhere - apart from just Google My Business

Ask customers to review you on every review site other than just Google My Business (GMB). When you ask for a review only for GMB, it will reflect as if you have paid for such reviews.

When asking for reviews, ask for these platforms equally:

  • Yelp

  • Facebook

  • Yellow Pages

  • BBB (Better Business Bureau)

Allow them to select from the above platform they prefer to write upon, other than GMB. If you have great services and products, you will score chances to have reviews for all these sites as well.

On seeing your equal presence over multiple reviews sites, users will observe you as a real brand and get tempted to write the reviews.

6. Offer some incentives to tempt the audience

The next best & creative thing to do to get Google review for business is by offering some incentives to your audience to tempt them. 

This point is your area of exploration, here you can experiment and discover the best tactics to lure the customers to stay back and review you.

You can come up with interesting discounts, special offers, gift cards or coupons, contests, or any other event that you can trade with customers in exchange for honest reviews whether good or bad.

7. Put the Google review link in the email signature

Another best response to “how to ask customers to review my business on google” is to have Google review link in the email signatures or on the newsletter’s bottom within a CTA like:

“Have a Feedback? It will only take a moment to share it on Google!”

You can experiment and write any CTA phrase in the email signature you feel is tempting for your audience - followed by a Google Review Link.

Considering the huge number of emails you send per day, it is the best way to get more reviews on Google at great speed.

8. Educate your customers on how to leave Google reviews

On one end you are wondering “how to get google review” while on the other end your majority of users don’t know how to write a review.

You need to educate your audience on how to leave a review via instructions or steps in your blog or any marketing collateral.

You can create a pop-up on your website about such steps or write a note around your social media snippets while promoting your Google Review Link.

9. Use QR code to link to Google Reviews Pages


Since most of the users are nowadays mobile users, to get more Google Reviews quickly, give them a QR code at different touchpoints (offline/online both) and media platforms - that redirects to your Google review window.

Instead of searching and clicking the link, users will effortlessly scan the code and have access to the review pages in quick nanoseconds. 

10. Leave a review for your Business Partners

Another great practice you can do to get more reviews on Google is by reviewing business customers if you are a B2B company. 

On seeing such reviews, those partnered clients or customers will return the favor by reviewing your business online too.

This will bring three good things to your business:

  • It will strengthen the brand relationship with other brands & customers.

  • Increase your reviews more strategically.

  • And get you backlinks, from which you can acquire more effective customers.

11. Follow-up on your review requests multiple times

Just because you have already asked your customers and they didn’t leave a review that time, it does not mean they will never ever in their lifetime review you.

It might be possible you asked them in the wrong hour or they were about to review you but got occupied with something & forgot.

Create some persuasive follow-up mail template to remind the customers to write an honest review about your product. You can send those follow-up mails on repeat (either the same template or by changing it again & again).

Note: Some people will never leave a review no matter how many times you nudge them, it is best to try but don’t overdo it, and simply shift the focus to the ones who interact with your brand.

12. Just keep being awesome!

If you are good at what you do, the customers will definitely stay back to review you. 

Just live by the motto to never “over promise & underdeliver” to the needs of customers. Just keep being best at what you do, have conscience towards your customers' needs and you will gather an army of customers who will love to give a shout out to your brand for other prospects.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Google Reviews in Just 12 Ways!

We just discussed the 12 easiest steps to follow for your often asked query on “How to get more Google reviews” along with 5 steps on “How to create Google Review links”.

The business of any kind, be it a restaurant, clothing seller, travel and tourism services, etc - for everyone online reviews matter as it helps with:

  • Marking any brand’s reliability and authority in the market.

  • Convincing the prospects or close watchers to buy from them.

  • Earning great backlinks, which are proven to support great traffic building and rankings in SERP.

One review has numerous power-packed benefits to offer. However, if you are not sure of how to pursue these steps and in what order, it is always the best deal to contact professional Digital Marketing Services that can help you select the best bricks to build a positive and authoritative brand for the right audience.


Anna Abram is a technical writer at JanBask. She loves writing and sharing topics on Web Design Services, Web Development, E-commerce Website Development & Digital Marketing services and latest trends going around in web world.
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