Simple rules to get a gold loan?

 Simple rules to get a gold loan?

 Rules and regulations are formed and introduced to bring law and order. These are the basis of conducting business or even a simple transaction. The rules and regulations are a vital part of our lives. Whether it is business or our everyday life, people follow the rules and rely on them for guidance if they encounter any situation where they are unaware of the next step. The laws formulated are the practice that helps people understand how a procedure will take place. 


To comprehend these rules and regulations completely, people must go through them cautiously and clarify any doubts. Especially when it comes to financial tools such as the credit facilities, it becomes a dire requirement to get a hold on the concept and the procedure that a person has to follow. The borrowing individual or entity should make sure that they are in clear when it comes to a credit facility's prerequisites. There are many financial tools with complex demands. Any such facility will have a lengthy and tiring procedure with a lot of details involved. The gold loan is not one of these policies. A gold loan is a secured form of mortgage facility extended by the financial organization (banks and non-banking financial companies). 


Loan against gold is a convenient and economical tool that helps in getting funds at the earliest. The procedure to be followed is short and straightforward. The borrowing individual or entity does not have to spend days on end to get this loan facility. The Manappuarm Finance gold loan policy can be extended within 45 minutes. The lending organizations have kept the requisites simple for the borrowers to understand and follow through it without any hassle easily. 


The steps or rules to comply while applying for a gold loan are as follows:


  • The first and chief thing that a borrowing individual or entity will have to do is look-up for the appropriate facility and check for the eligibility criteria. This credit facility's eligibility criteria require the borrower to be 21 years of age with a stable and consistent income per month. Some financial organizations set the age limit as per their wish, but the minimum age cannot be below 18 years as the borrower cannot be a minor. The individual or entity who wants the loan has to be competent in the law's eyes before entering into the agreement for the credit. 

  • Then they have to fill in the application form. The application form will ask for the necessary details of the borrowing individual or entity to get a gist of their background. The information that a borrower may have to provide will be the name, occupation, contact details, PAN number, marital status, GSTIN (for entities or business owners), address, etc. The application form will have all the necessary information mentioned in the end for the borrower to read. 

  • Once the borrower has completed the application form, and they can proceed with the documents. The documents to be presented are the KYC documents of eth borrowing individual or entity. The requirements can differ for the lenders, but mostly it remains the same for various policies. The borrowers must attach the documents dutifully to the form and submit it with the lending institutions. 

  • The borrower can track the status with the notification that the lender will provide. 

  • The borrowing individual or entity must specify their preferred repayment method while applying for the credit facility. The repayment structure will define the mode of payment of the loan amount.


The borrowers have to follow the rules discussed above sincerely, but there is something that they have to go through even before applying for a loan. They will have to check and compare elements of various policies such as the gold loan interest rate, tenure, repayment options, loan per gram rate, and the loan-to-value ratio. Comparison and then following the rules will help the borrowing individual or entity to get the funds in no time. 


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