What are the Signs Associated With Power Steering Pump Failure in Your Car

Nowadays, cars are coming equipped with many advanced systems that make driving them a pleasurable experience. All the cars are that are being produced come equipped with certain systems that are common across all models and brands. One such system is the power steering system which is common across all cars and is responsible for the smooth handling of your car. The power steering system is completely different from the traditional steering and you can know this when you drive a car that is equipped with a power steering system. Moreover, the power steering system consists of a host of equipment and parts that help in the smooth operation of the power steering.

Among all the equipment that is used in the power steering system, the power steering pump is a vital one. The power steering pump is responsible for the seamless flow of power steering fluid from the steering into the gear. The gear is responsible for applying the proper pressure so that the steering wheel turns easily for you. Whenever there is an issue with the power steering pump of your car, the power steering will start functioning abnormally which is a very dangerous situation. Here in this article, we will discuss the signs associated with power steering pump failure in your car.

Bad power steering fluid

One of the first signs that indicate there are issues with the power steering system and possibly with the power steering pump is when you observe the condition of the power steering fluid. The condition of the power steering fluid speaks a lot about the power steering pump. If the power steering fluid is a bit old, then the tubes that move the fluid will gum up which will lead to power steering failure.

Most of the time, you will observe that the new fluid appears red in color and its odor is also very distinctive, however, if the color of the power steering fluid is dark grey, then it indicates oxidation. In addition to this, if there is a presence of foam and bubbles in the power steering fluid, then water and air have entered into the power steering line. Moreover, if you observe flakes of chrome in the power steering fluid, then it means that the power steering pump has degraded and needs to be replaced.

Problem in turning the wheel

It is a common problem that you are going to face whenever any component of the power steering system malfunctions. So this is a common symptom also associated with the power steering pump failure. Under normal circumstances, the power steering will feel very smooth to turns, however, when the steering pump has failed, it will be stiffer than usual and you will have to use a lot of strength & force just to make a basic turn. This is a sign of power steering pump failure and you need to replace it as soon as possible.

Vibration in the steering wheel

As the power steering pump works coherently with many other components in your car that if one of them fails, then it can also lead to a power steering pump failure. One such component is the drive belt which is connected to the power steering pump. The drive belt requires the proper amount of tension or it will lead to power steering pump malfunctioning. The belt can slip off the drive train or could break either of which signifies that the pulley is not functioning properly.

In addition to this, the heat can get transferred from the drive belt to the shaft and the pulley system of the power steering pump which can damage it. This is why your steering will vibrate or will feel choppy while driving. Whenever the steering wheel is vibrating while the car is idling, then also the power steering pump is at fault. Along with this, you will also hear unusual sound like squeaking coming from the power steering of your car which also signifies issues. But these might not be related to the power steering pump so it needs to be thoroughly investigated.


The above-discussed signs are associated with the malfunctioning of the power steering pump in your car and these needs to be taken seriously. Whenever you experience any of these signs, then immediately take your car to a certified repair shop so that the power steering pump can be replaced before things take a turn for worse.

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