Paver blocks – shapes, sizes, types and uses- A concrete study

Paver blocks – shapes, sizes, types and uses- A concrete study

The construction scenario in Kolkata has undergone sea change in recent times. The high rise buildings to beautification of the city pavements, construction in the city has taken a big leap. One of the prim materials that have taken prime spot is paver blocks. It is one of the most common surface treatments. It used for exterior pavement applications. The aesthetically pleasing and comfortable walk ways have the earned the reputation of the most durable and easy maintenance options for exterior pavement surface treatment. Consequently there has been a rise in demand for paver blocks making machine in Kolkata.

Common types of Paver blocks

There are two types of paver blocks as mentioned below.

  • Concrete Paving Block.
  • Clay paving block.

Both these kinds of paving blocks are used for paving exterior pavements in Kolkata. However the concrete paving blocks have exceeded in their demand mainly due to their durability and easy manufacturing methods.

Concrete paving blocks – It is one of the mass production products produced through machines. Hence they are easily interchangeable. The two different surfaces, one is smooth and the other is rough. These heavy duty paving blocks are suitable for heavy duty applications like footpaths and walking pavements. They are also suitable for weather conditions even harsh conditions.

The colors of the concrete paver blocks are produced in many colors. Metallic oxide is used for inducing the color. Quality products use good amount of metallic oxide to ensure that the colors do not fade away easily.

Classifications and shapes of paver blocks

  • Paver blocks with vertical faces. They do not interlock and do not form any specific pattern.
  • Paver blocks that interlock into each other due to curved corrugated vertical faces.
  • Paver blocks that have all faces corrugated and curved.
  • ‘L’ and ‘x’ shape paver blocks that have corrugated or all faces covered.

The paver blocks machine manufacturer in kolkata deliver paver block manufacturing machines that deliver all these kinds of paver blocks. Depending on the needs you can select a machine that generates some of these types all one single type of paver blocks.

How to choose the best quality paver block machine manufacturer in kolkata?

For best quality paver blocks, the machine manufacturing must of high quality. It should be also adept to manufacture the exact kind of paver blocks that any unit is aiming to manufacture. However, since they are long terms investments machines with a broader configuration is considered an apt choice. The same goes true for mosaic tiles making machine in kolkata.

Specifications of paver block manufacturing machines

  • Capacity of the machines – Depending upon the set target capacity of the manufacturing unit the capacity of the paver bloc manufacturing machine must be selected. The range can be 1500-2000 blocks per hour, 2000-2500 blocks per hour, 500-1000 blocks per hour etc. The price depends on the capacity of the machine it can range between Rs 225000/piece for a machine capable of producing 1500-2000 blocks to Rs 1000000/piece for a machine producing 1000 blocks per hour.
  • Reputation of the manufacturer- Kolkata ahs some of the most reputed manufacturer of paver bock manufacturing machines. The machines are of extremely durable quality. Low electricity consumption and the high performance are among the characteristic traits of paver block manufacturing machines.
  • Some of the common types of machines are hydraulic concrete block making machine.
  • Hydraulic operated concrete block making machine.
  • Auto ramming block making machine.
  • Light weight block making machine.

There are similar specifications for variety of mosaic tile making machine in kolkata. Kolkata truly caters to its reputation for supplying good quality machines.

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