Which are better-Streaming Services or cable TV?

Which are better-Streaming Services or cable TV?

We cannot deny the fact that the streaming services are getting more and more popularity and recognition but cable TV services still seem to hold their ground. One of the main reasons that the renowned cable TV providers like Spectrum TV still seem to have a strong position in the industry is because of the pocket-friendly and attractive cable TV plans they keep rolling out in the market. Other than that, we also see a streaming war where various streaming services are competing hard with each other as they try to gain more and more subscribers. Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, Sling TV, and others continue to drop amazing original series and budget friendly plans to grab the attention of the consumers. So it is a war among the streaming services and another significant competitor being the cable TV. The consumers are caught in this tug of war but they do get to enjoy more budget-friendly deals and experience a wider variety of offers to choose the one that fits their requirements and pocket to the fullest. We do witness a big number of cable TV subscribers cutting the cord and getting on the streaming service bandwagon. Let us have a deeper look at where this tug of war between streaming services and cable TV currently stands.

Cost and Billing

In case you subscribe to TV and the internet from the same cable company, you will receive a single bill. This helps to manage everything under one bill that saves you from a lot of hassle. Cable bills are generally coming up with cheaper and skinnier plans these days to compete with the streaming services. Do not forget the fact that the cost of streaming services is more than just the amount paid for streaming TV since you always need a reliable internet connection for it. Moreover, you might have to upgrade your internet package to an unlimited data package if you are a heavy Netflix user or having multiple users in the house that would be streaming online simultaneously.

Accessibility to Sports Channels

If you are a sports fanatic then cable TV might be the preferable option for you. The reason is that they offer a wider range of sports channels. On the other hand, streaming services do not allow you to watch live sports or you might be charged additionally for it.

Channel Line up

Cable TV service has a vast channel line-up in store for you. So if you are a TV lover who is fond of scrolling through channels and enjoying TV watching the conventional way then you must opt for a suitable cable TV plan. Nowadays, cable companies offer many attractive features along with a massive channel line-up at a very cost-effective price. The bundle offers might prove even more economical and some providers even allow you to customize the channel list to add all the channels that you love watching.


It depends on your TV watching habits. Some streaming services might seem more flexible since you are not bound by any contracts so you can cancel a service or switch to another service anytime. However many reputable cable TV providers like Spectrum TV also have a no-contract policy to provide a greater degree of freedom to their users. So going for a contract-free plan will indeed save you from any early termination fee and be free from any worries of being stuck for a year or two with a provider.

Customization Features

Depending on your entertainment needs, both streaming services and cable TV plans have much customization to offer to you. In the case of streaming services, you can subscribe to all your favorite TV shows and seasons to receive alerts for new episodes. You are also recommended movies and shows based on your viewing history.

Similarly, some of the cable TV providers also enable you to add all your favorite channels to the package. So you can make the most out of the money you are paying for. Therefore, depending on your needs, you can avail of the customization features of streaming services or cable TV plans.

Wrapping Up,

The war between cable TV or streaming services has not slowed down ever since the streaming service mania has hit the industry. Both keep dicing out better plans and offers to attract more and more subscribers and get greater attention. So both have much to offer. Look into your entertainment needs and TV watching habits to decide what service suits you in a better way.

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