What do you need to qualify as a tax preparer? Let us help you!

What do you need to qualify as a tax preparer? Let us help you!

Tax preparers are one of the most recognized and established professionals in the world. In recent years, these people have become the need of all the businesses and individuals, as documentation of the economy is a key concern for all the economies of the world.

To become a tax preparer NYC, you need a sort of qualification, have knowledge of tools that will make you more productive, and need to know the duties to perform.

What are the duties of a tax preparer?

You need to prepare tax forms for the clients and assist them in filing the returns. The tax preparer also needs to guide the clients about IRS, especially when audit and tax issues arise. Overall, a tax preparer in New York works for two parties, which are the client and IRS. The authorities and clients expect that the tax preparer will fulfill all the needs that are required to present financial statements in front of the state.

To become a tax preparer NYC, you need a sort of qualification, have knowledge of tools that will make you more productive, and need to know the duties to perform.

What are the requirements for a tax preparer?

It is a simple process and you need to know the whole procedure of a particular business. You also need to learn the professional language that will be used in the reports and other documents. Another major requirement is to get know-how about technology, which will assist you in completing the task with authority and efficiency. You should know some marketing skills to attract clients towards you. Along with that, you need to qualify for Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN), otherwise, you will not be allowed to work as a paid tax preparer.


How to get the IRS tax prepare certification? 

As a tax preparer, you need to pass the suitability check. Along with that, you should have a valid PTIN number. However, state license and EFIN are also required to become an enrolled agent.

The process of getting PTIN

To get PTIN, you will register yourself on the IRS website. After that, you will renew it annually. Once you get it, you will mention it everywhere. In New York, the tax preparer also
needs to get a license, which will be similar to the Preparer Tax Identification Number. To get representation rights, IRS also demands that you should be CPA, enrolled agent, or attorney.

IRS e-file requirements 

The e-file system is a serious job, as the chances of hacking and fraud are quite high. Therefore, the IRS has made it a bit complicated. To get the permission of filing e-file, IRS wants that you should acquire a certificate. Along with that, you will submit your fingerprints, once you have done it, IRS will issue electronic filing identification number (EFIN). This number will allow you to submit e-files. An important aspect of EFIN is that you do not need to renew it. Another important point is that it is required by only your firm, which makes it different from PTIN.


To get an EFIN number, 45 days are required. Once you have got it, you need to pass a suitability check. After that, you will be able to start working as a tax preparer in New York.

Finalization Process

To become a tax preparer, you only need to apply for PTIN and EFIN. When you will get both these numbers, you are ready to start working as a tax accountant. However, it does not mean that you will become an authorized professional after completing this procedure. For that, you need to develop your skills and get professional experience from the market. The experts think that you need to spend two seasons in the market to get the maximum learning about tax preparation. This period will help you improve skills, get experience, and develop business relationships in the market.


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