International Shipment Services: A boon or forfeit?

International Shipment Services: A boon or forfeit?

Forwarding services for all your online shopping needs. Have you ever browsed the internet for that perfect accessory to decorate your room, or looked for that perfect gift that your special someone is after, ending up hours later on a foreign website with no clue how to obtain that longed for item? Or, even worse, discovering that the website you want to shop from doesn’t ship to your country? Well, someone somewhere came up with the solution for you; many websites are now providing an International Package Forwarding Service. What does that mean?

These companies will provide you with an address based in another country different from yours, have the parcel shipped to them and then forward that same parcel to you. Many popular companies that provide this service will make available a United States address for you, parcel forwarding from the USA directly to your door. Some will have available a United Kingdom address as well, giving you even larger shopping options. What is their gain, you may ask?

They will charge you for their services, of course. At first it may seem like an intricate mechanism, but think about this: imagine wanting an item you can only find on a Japanese website, a website that doesn’t ship to your country or that wasn’t even translated in any other language you can understand! A forwarding service company specializing in Japanese websites will browse the shop for you, help you in every step to finalize your purchase, have the parcel shipped to their Japanese headquarters and then ship that same parcel directly to your home!

Communication in these cases is the key. Before turning to any of these companies make sure you search the internet for reviews. You will definitely find several users that have used the services of that same company and they can provide you with feedback regarding their services. Even when the feedback rates are high, bear in mind that using these services is a risk, and you might never receive your package. But that’s what PayPal is for, right? Always make sure you use a secure payment method.

Other than online shopping, forwarding mail might have a different charm for you. If you’re moving to another country, you might find yourself with a problem: having all your mail sent to your new address. One of these forwarding mail companies might be your solution: in fact, many of them will provide a deposit service, making it possible to have all your mail sent to their offices while you’re on the move, and then have it sent to you when you’re all settled in your new home and ready to get all your letters and postcards. That international package will probably travel more than you ever have, but wouldn’t you do everything for your loved ones?

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