VistaJet’s New VistaJet World Program Launch Event

Today, VistaJet, the largest global private aviation company, launched VistaJet World, its newest bespoke program featuring innovative and unparalleled experiences to heighten members’ travel on a global scale.

This unique program will offer various one-of-a-kind, luxury experiences for members including world firsts, luxury extreme sports and traveling among royalty. Through this program, VistaJet members will receive behind the scenes, exclusive access, multi-stop journeys to routes not well-serviced commercially and authentic, luxury experiences.

Some of these programs include a trip to India led by the royal Maharajas to experience India like no other, a first-ever volcanic expedition camping on the side of an active volcano, a global wine tour with the world’s oldest wine making families and an immersive and decadent island experience for chocolate connoisseurs, among others.

You can find additional information below on the different experiences included within the program. You can also download the press release, brochure and hi-res images here and view the landing page here.

  • Volcano Expedition – Visit ‘The Son of Benbow’ to capture some of the first ever footage inside the bubbling lava lake on an extreme expedition, camping on the side of an active volcano with a team of experts.
  • Scientific Discovery – a behind-the-science, comprehensive, exclusive trip to meet the brains behind today’s pioneering health-tech industry designed for the health-tech entrepreneur or connoisseur who is looking to delve deep into the world of innovation and science.
  • An Ancient Lost City – Take part in a pioneering research expedition to help discover an ancient city lost to a vast swathe of the Colombian Amazonian rainforest by helicopter over one of the most untouched and inaccessible areas of the world.
  • Lodges and Residences – Visit the thrilling lodges in some of the world’s most remote and unspoiled wilderness locations including New Zealand’s Minaret Station, Sweden’s Niehku Lodge, Iceland’s Deplar Farm and Alaska’s Sheldon Chalet properties, all of which make it possible to connect with nature in surpassingly beautiful, relatively inaccessible, locations.
  • Maharajas of India – Visit with the great and magnificent Maharajas of India to experience India like no other – getting an insider’s look at what it’s like to be royalty while traveling from palace to palace.
  • Global Wine Tour – Uncover bottles from the private collection of some of the world’s oldest wine making families and be guest of honor at their private residences. VistaJet Members can request round-the-world itineraries to learn, discover and savor the world of fine wine, request bespoke access and personal introductions to the world’s best winemakers and wine clubs and discover the wines that taste the best at altitude.
  • Island of Chocolate – The Island of Chocolate, a luxe Caribbean island vacation meets Willy Wonka, will include an exclusive tour of a bean-to-bar chocolate plantation, tastings, sail on a private yacht and more, all fueled by Sharky & George.
  • Aerial Splendor – In the American Southwest of Texas, Arizona, Nevada and Utah, artists such as Robert Smithson and James Turrell have used land, sand, rock, water and sky to create unearthly and extraordinary landscape art. See the large-scale masterpieces as no one else can first from the air, on a VistaJet plane and then up-close, on an exclusive site visit in the company of their curators and protectors.
  • Anti-Poaching Safari – Join the Born Free foundation CEO, Howard Jones, in a patrol of the skies at the front-line of anti-poaching action. Born Free is leading an expert consortium to introduce specialist technology to conservation, a unique project at field level open to entrepreneurial support, only available for VistaJet Members.
  • Masters of Japan – Visit Japan like never before and experience the frenetic energy of Tokyo’s neon nightlife, as well as the serene temples of Kyoto with a one-of-a-kind personalized trip.
  • Secrets to Longevity – Inspired by the world’s longest-living communities, the experience helps member again first-hand insights into the rules of longevity. Guided by experts at each location, members are able to discover the proven secrets to life-long health and happiness and fully immerse themselves in the community by outing these methods to practice.
  • Chef’s Table – The Chef’s Table experience takes members on a private journey to celebrate some of the most remarkable gastronomy geniuses of our time by embarking on a carefully curated voyage through the finest culinary experiences in the world.
  • A Look into Space – Track the eclipse’s path across South America from the Atacama Desert and observe the stars guided by an expert and the world’s most advanced telescope.
  • UV Night Skiing – With an illuminated mountain side, ski some of the best fresh powder slopes on earth wearing a ski-suit studded with LEDs and joined by a specialist film crew to capture the action.
  • The Midnight Sun – Experience Iceland and Greenland like never before through privately curated trips to enjoy the spectacular wild scenery, arctic wildlife, the black beaches of Reynisfara, the Aurora Borealis and the ethereal midnight sun.
  • Mountains and Stars – Track the eclipse’s path across South America and enjoy an exclusive wine tour of Cheval Des Andes, Mendoza, in the Atacama Desert, which boasts the trifecta of ideal stargazing conditions. Stargaze guided by an expert from the world’s most advanced optical telescope and embark on a 4×4 adventure through the aptly named Valley of the Moon.

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