Breaking Down A Biotin Hair Care Routine

Breaking Down A Biotin Hair Care Routine

Long before post-work partying, game nights or movie nights started defining our Friday evenings, many of us had a Friday night ritual in our growing years; getting our hair oiled. Remember dreading those prolonged hours of having to sit patiently while our mothers or grandmothers greased our hair with various concoctions of oils, much to our despair? We couldn't wait to have our hair shampooed and styled up at the earliest. Perhaps the only saving grace about those oiling sessions was the soothing effect of those head massages. Indeed for our insouciant younger selves couldn't care less about hair care routines.

Let's move a couple of decades later when the receding hairline and painful hair fall have become a major cause of worry and woe and we are desperate to regain those luscious tresses; we've tried a whole range of hair rejuvenating products but with fleeting success. Not only hair fall but also degrading hair quality like tangled and dry hair often causes a lot of stress and anxiety to a lot of people, men and women alike. Often we find ourselves missing our good old Friday oiling sessions and wishing to reverse the damage.

Fortunately, hair regrowth, challenging as it may be, is possible if we apply a little caution and care to our hair.

Causes of hair damage

Hair damage is triggered off by a whole sequence of factors like nutritional deficiencies in diet, exposure to polluted air and dust, high iron content in water, continued use of harmful chemicals in shampoos and hair colours. Another cause of ruining the quality of hair is excessing styling of hair using a straightener or a curler.

Best hair regrowth treatment

To undo all that is lost and restore the richness of hair, timely and sufficient care is imperative. There are several kinds of remedies available for hair regrowth.  Several cosmetic products, as well as natural remedies, guarantee to assuage hair damage and give our hair a fresh lease of life. But, to get the best results, it is up to us to understand the root cause of this impairment and refurbish the exact nutrients that our hair needs for healthier second innings. 

Biotin is one of the most conspicuous nutrients that our body needs to maintain the health of our hair, and often the inadequacy of Biotin in our diets emerges as the main cause of hair damage. Opting for a Biotin for hair growth treatment has borne favourable results for many, and its increasing popularity has caused the markets to be flooded with supplements like Biotin gummies, Biotin tablets for hair, and Biotin capsules for hair among others.

To boost hair growth, our body needs a protein called Keratin, and it is the proportionate quantity of Biotin in our bodies that regulates our Keratin infrastructure. It is also replete with Vitamins H and B and thus brings holistic health benefits to our hair.

Instituting a Biotin intensive hair care routine can work wonders for your hair with a span of a couple of months. What is all the more appealing about adapting a Biotin for hair regrowth routine is that it doesn’t entail painstaking diets or expensive hair products.

There are three easy routes to rebuilding your hair vitamin with Biotin. Firstly, increasing the intake of food items like organ meats, nuts, legumes, egg yolks, banana and cauliflower to enhance the natural Biotin in your diets.

You may also opt for a reliable Biotin supplement for hair. Power Gummies’ Biotin gummies are enriched with Biotin and folic acid, which fortify your hair and minimises damage within weeks of intake. These are clinically tested, and the risk of side effects can be eliminated too.

Finally, a conscious shift from our traditional cleansing products like our hair oils, shampoos and conditioners to Biotin rich products will impart a lasting improvement in your hair quality.

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