5 Advantages of Using Online Invoice Software

5 Advantages of Using Online Invoice Software

In today’s market, you need to exude an air pf professionalism in every aspect of your work. Thus, hand written invoices are no longer enough. Whether you’re a freelancer or an e-commerce business owner, you need to generate professional looking invoices. You also need to set up your invoicing system in such a way that it requires minimal time and effort. This is where it becomes beneficial to use online invoice software. Let’s look at some of the key advantages of online invoicing software.

Your data is secure
When you choose to use an invoice software that is hosted online, all your data too gets stored on the cloud. This data is more secure and better protected against a hacker’s efforts to steal customer data. In addition, data stored on your computer servers is subject to the risk of being lost if the system crashes. When you store data on the cloud, there is no such risk. Using a reputable invoicing software also helps companies comply with security regulations.

Easy access
Let’s say you’re a freelancer who’s always on the move. Using an invoicing software that’s hosted online allows you to access it from anywhere. You can generate an invoice from your laptop at home or even from your phone while you’re travelling. Similarly, let’s say you have a business with multiple retail outlets. Using a cloud-based invoicing software allows you to use a single software for all your stores and generate invoices from the same account. This makes your accounting simpler and makes invoices easier to track and monitor.

Simpler auditing
Maintaining clean account books is a must for every business irrespective of its size. This can get tricky if you are suing server hosted invoice software for each outlet of your office. If you’re using a combination of computer and hand-generated invoices, it can get even more confusing. However, when you choose to use an online invoice software, maintaining account becomes much simpler. All your data is stored on the cloud and you can view estimates, expense receipts, invoices, etc. all on a single dashboard.

Shorter payment cycles
Generating an invoice is not the end of a project. You must deliver the invoice to the client and follow up with them for payment. With online invoicing software, bills can be sent to customers online in a matter of seconds. In the case of recurrent billing, this is even faster. As a result, your customer receives the bill on time and can have it passed faster. In short, it helps reduce the time taken from end of project/ month to payment receipt and gives you a healthy cash flow.

Environmentally friendly
Paper may be biodegradable but sending on paper invoice isn’t good for your company’s carbon footprint. After all, to produce paper, trees must be cut. But, if you choose to generate and send bills online, there is no need for paper. It’s not a direct effect you can see but it does reduce the number of trees that need to be felled annually. In addition, the amount of printer ink you use also reduces. This is great for your company image and you can even advertise it!

Most importantly, using a reliable online invoice software frees your bills from any risk of human error and ensures that all invoice sent to customers are accurate. This builds a good reputation for your brand and reduces chances of delays in bill payment. It also improves your relationship with customers. It even saves you money- just think about how much it would cost you if you sent a wrong bill and a customer challenged it… So, what you waiting for- take control over your invoices today!

Cloudbooks provide simple online invoicing software for small businesses and freelancers. We help you take care of online invoicing, time tracking, and project management.
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