Specialized US Immigration Translation Services

Translations are essential for all the trades including immigration, medical, legal, education, media, finance, and several others. The significant role that USCIS translation service plays in the above-listed fields of any market cannot be ignored. In response to the challenges encountered in obtaining a positive and certified translation, our US immigration translation services have taken actions that have been inserted to assure the smooth running of the translation service industry. In the United States, for instance, it is the responsibility of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to manage official functions undertaken by the immigration service.

Also, they also give United States citizenship to immigrants. So, with the help of our services, we assure that immigrants get professional immigration-related services such as immigration document translation at any time in their entry into the US. Nowadays, the industry is overwhelmed with various immigration translation services across different efforts. This calls for attention on the side of the client to ensure that his or her special requirements are met. As such it is advised that only certified document translation services like ours should be used to avoid any sorts of errors. At UTS, our online translation services are meant to view the needs of clients to allow them to carry out accurate details.

Certified Immigration Translation Services with Expert Translators

We offer certified immigration translation services to people those who are seeking to translate their documents into the English language. Normally, at the point of preparing the immigration paper, immigrants are required to give means of identifications, birth and marriage certificates, passports, and academic certificates. These documents are usually written in the individual's native language, not in English which varies from the language (English) spoken in the United States, so our USCIS approved translation services help in translating the document to enable the immigration officers to process your documents without a barrier such as communication barrier.

Immigration documents we translate are:

•    Birth certificates

•    Marriage certificates

•    Divorce certificates

•    Death certificates

•    Identity cards

•    Police verification certificates

•    Private and personal letters

•    Financial reports

•    Other maintaining documents

Can I translate my own documents?

USCIS forbids the applicant from translating his own documents even if the applicant is a professional translator. Still, you may want a friend to handle the translation for you. While that is not advisable as the translation may not be accurate, and the requirements may not be met, you can try. Actually, how hard could it be to translate a marriage certificate for instance? Not that hard, and if you’re willing to give it a try, you can even use our marriage certificate translation template. We however strongly advise you to take our services and get translation with guaranteed acceptance instead.

Why would I trust you?

At Universal Translation Services, we have the experience and knowledge, and we are aware of all the documents that are needed for the US citizenship.

Our team of linguistic experts is experienced with the immigration process in most of the countries and can interpret all of your documents and certificates with supremacy. Each of our translations is presented with the certifications you will require during the US immigration procedure. All of our outcomes are carried out with professionalism, and according to the terms and conditions of the US immigration system, you aim to go to.

Certified Translations

Your translations are formally certified as an accurate translation and carry our agency stamp and signature. This can be used for immigration, official matters and submission to authorities and other government bodies. Our immigration translation is subject to strict quality control processes to ensure the accuracy, and all our translations are guaranteed to be accepted by the USCIS.

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