Indian Traditional Handicrafts: All You Need To Know

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There are a number of reasons for loving India. Some love it for its vast diversity while some love it for the large selection of food, culture, traditions, and colors one gets here, while there are some who love it solely for the excellent handicrafts found here. For those who don’t know, there is a huge market of handicrafts here where you will get a wide range of products. Whether you need a traditional Indian paintings from 4-5 centuries back or handmade clay crafts products or wall hangings, you will get every kind of product in almost every part of India.

For those looking for handbags, they can get their hands filled with a large variety that includes fancy jute bags, cloth bags, beaded bags, tie-dye bags, and what not. These make excellent choice in terms of souvenirs and presents for friends and families. In this write up we are going to cover up the various kinds of Indian handicrafts that you can carry home with you as you return to your country. Yes, there are a number of sites that give you a chance to buy Indian handicrafts online, but none compares to the fun of purchasing from the manual market and viewing the local beauty here.

  • Metal Handicrafts: You will discover a wide range of metal art - gold and silver to copper and metal specialties. Take enameled gems and utensils like wine-mugs, finger-bowls, pill boxes and so on. They can be found in gold and silver and at times they are studded with gems as well. You can discover utensils made of white metal and electroplated metal and copper with engravings on them. These metal specialties could be found in different Indian urban areas.
  • Handcrafted Textiles: Almost every Indian zone has its own style and design when it comes to handcrafted textiles. You can buy the patolas from Gujarat, special Kashmiri embroidered ones from Jammu & Kashmir, tie-dye from Rajasthan, Kanjivaram from South India, Banarasi from Uttar Pradesh, and so forth.
  • Wooden Handicrafts: You will discover cut and trimmed wooden things, wood lacquering work, wooden models and statues and numerous different sorts of wooden crafted works in India. Cut wood furniture of Northern India is celebrated for its unique craftsmanship. Different states too have created unmistakable styles of wood carvings. Rajasthan is likewise noted for its cut sandalwood and rosewood separated from the substantial decorative furniture. In the event that you cannot take back substantial furniture, you will discover a wide range of other wooden painstaking work like toys, stogie boxes, mirror outlines, pen holders and numerous other wood create things in India.

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