One Thing You Must Do While On Holiday in Cairns

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A popular jumping-off place for the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforestsat of the the Daintree and Tablelands, Cairns is also a pleasant spot to make the most of the big-town facilities and to shop, eat, and explore the harbour and Esplanade. Whether you are there on holiday to explore the history of old Cairns, join in the wealth of seaside activities, or simply enjoy a coffee at one of the cafés overlooking the marina, there is one thing that you cannot miss –Cairns’ fishing tours.

Why Cairns?
The rich waters of Cairns are populated with a plethora of tropical fish species that will offer you an amazing and truly unique experience. Whether you are after the mighty Grander Black Marlin, are satisfied with Australia's premier estuarine sport fish, the Barramundi or simply want to go with the flow on one of its fishing tours, Cairns has it all.It is not only home to a rich variety of aquatic life but is also blessed with a beautiful warm weather throughout the year, which makes it one the most perfect places in the world for fishing.

Making the Most Out Of Cairns Fishing Tours
In order to get the most out of your fishing tour, it is highly recommended that you join one of Cairns’ fishing charters. These activities require a great deal of expertise and the skippers have local knowledge of the waters of Cairns and surrounds and know all the best fishing spots. Moreover, they will provide you will all the appropriate gear including rods, reels and fresh bait and will cater for your sport fishing needs while ensuring your safety. So, even if you are a fishing expert or a novice, it’s almost sure that you will catch something before the end of the trip.

Follow the Rules
Cairns’ fishing boats take conservation very seriously and go to great lengths to preserve fish species for future fishing tours and to limit the damage done on the fragile ecosystem. So, it is important to ensure that you are following the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authorities Green Zone guidelines as failure to do so may lead to fines or other punishment such as imprisonment.

Cairns’ Fishing Charters Prices
Prices for fishing charters in Cairns vary greatly and are dependent on the number of persons as well as the duration of the trip. A 5-hour fishing trip in Cairns generally falls within the $100-$150 range. Paradise Sportfishing Adventuresoffers half and full-day estuary fishing tours priced at $95 and $180 per person respectively. Both packages include a fishing trip from the Marina using live bait, and equipment, food and drinksrods and reelsare provided. It is always wise to contact the charter companies at least one week before your fishing tour, especially if you have a large group to make sure that the charter vessels available can accommodate you and your guests.
So, if you want a unique holiday experience, we invite you to join us in the magical location of Cairns. We can guarantee that you will enjoy fishing more than you ever did before.

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