Ten Tips How You Can Differentiate Between Translation Companies

A qualified and good translation agency will not only get the exact words down on the page but also get across the tenor and meaning of the document or written work. Language and communication are involved, and we as a leading translation agency can convey your message quickly and accurately. It doesn’t matter if you need to translate from Chinese, or you need professional Dutch translation services, we can help you at any time.

Why you should choose us?

1.    Certification – We are proud to be the members of the ISO. This will ensure the quality of our translation, so to get the best results work with our ISO-certified translation agency. The ISO is the International Standards Organization, who specializes in developing quality standards for businesses. One of the services that the ISO certifies is translation.

2.    Language Experience – We employ the best translators who have fluency in both the source and target languages.

3.    Industry Expertise – We are familiar with your industry. This will mean that we understand the technical terminology of your industry, so we are able to convey your message and tone better. We know your audience and how to address them.

4.    Trade Expertise - Another critical element to choosing our high-quality translator is we are familiar with your trade. Just because someone is excellent in both languages does not mean that they are familiar with all the technical terminology of your industry. Each industry, be it legal, financial or science, has its own set of language and jargon.

5.    Time Scales – If you need quick results it might be better to choose us as your professional translation agency as we operate 24/7 and process new requests at any time of the day or week.  Freelance translators may already have work on and are bound by their existing schedules, whereas as a translation agency we are likely to be more flexible.

6.    Quality Control – Having a quality control process in place is significant as it will make sure that not only your translation is accurate but that the way it is delivered to your customers and online audience is suitable too. A proper quality control process involves multiple levels of editing and proofreading.

7.    Save money – It may seem more costly firstly to go with a professional translation agency, but cheap is not always a good thing as poor translation can have a damaging effect on your business, spoil your name and end up costing you more in the long term.

8.  Technical translation - Several industries have professional text and appropriate terminology that require to be translated; this is generally seen in technical manuals, product brochures, etc. We help convert technical documentation into various languages, thus helping users in diverse locations understand jargons better, in their style.

9.    Cultural identities and differences - Our translation services modestly offer an insight into the attitudes and culture of another country.

10.    Internet business - Operating a business online is not uncommon; even if your website is targeted towards a particular set of people in a country, you will find people from many corners of the world visiting your site. Translating your website content into multiple languages will help visitors from all over the world understand your services better and will help boost your sales.

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