Choosing Magazine For Scientific Publication: Main Rules And Pitfalls

Choosing Magazine For Scientific Publication: Main Rules And Pitfalls

Why are students willing so badly to publish their articles in popular research magazines? If a person has decided to devote his life to science and has put a lot of effort, both material and physical, into his work, then publication in foreign magazines is simply necessary to allow the scientific community to evaluate his work.

What shall we begin with? First of all, writing a scientific article. It isn't so easy as writing American flag essay. But you still can do this either independently or using the help of various agencies such as essay writing service. Ordering a scientific article guarantees that it meets the required standards for publication in journals from the Scopus database in terms of text structure, research topics, and design.

So, let's imagine that the article already exists. It is informative and has significant scientific value. Now you need to find a high-quality magazine that will help you get into the scientific world and introduce your work to the world community. Therefore, it is best to choose proven scientific magazines and conferences for publication.

You need to understand that it will take a long time to find a suitable publication. You will have to explore various resources answering a number of questions, which we will discuss below. The search itself may take several days or even weeks.

Criteria for choosing the scientific magazine:

  • a comprehensive characteristic of the magazine, which involves checking it for a number of indicators (magazine quality);

  • a subject characteristic that indicates whether the magazine is suitable for your article.

Check of the Magazine Quality

Here are some resources that allow you to compare magazines and check their popularity (rating):


  • SCImago is a public portal that includes various magazines and world scientific indicators developed basing on the information contained in Scopus ® database (Elsevier BV). Magazines can be grouped by subject (27 main subject areas), by category (313 specific subject categories), or by country.

  • Scopus is the largest scientific citation database: magazines, books, and conferences. It provides a complete overview of the world's research results in science, technology, medicine, social sciences and arts, and humanities.

  • Journal Metrics is a portal that allows you to evaluate the rating of serial publications in Scopus (magazines on hematology, general chemistry, immunology, and allergy, etc.).

  • Research Impact Libguide is a guide on how to promote your research: choose the right publications, create your personal profile, then find out who read the article, where it was quoted, and so on.

  • Google Scholar Metrics is a service that helps you see and evaluate the fate of recent articles in scientific publications. It allows you to summarize quotes from many publications, that allow authors to decide where to place their new research. When using the service, you must resort to advanced search.


It is also important whether the selected magazine is peer-reviewed or refereed. This means that the submitted articles are checked before publication by independent experts, who are usually not part of the editorial board but conduct research in areas close to the subject of the article.

To check whether the magazine is peer-reviewed, you need to check it's website. In particular, to determine whether there is an editorial board, which specialists are included there, how goes the process of articles reviewing.

Also, talking about the quality of a magazine, it is important to determine whether it is a one-branch or an interdisciplinary one. How can we do this? Explore the magazine's website and check the information obtained on The SCimago portal.


Sites That Can Help You Get Information  

  • ABDC Journal Quality List — in 2007, ABDC (Australian business school) created its own list that reveals the quality of scientific magazines. This list is intended for use by members of this business school and aims to expose the bias of international lists.

  • European Reference Index for the Humanities (ERIH) — the main goal of this site is to track the quality of research in the Humanities published in scientific magazines in various European languages throughout Europe. This allows researchers to better understand and promote the national and international significance of their research.

  • RePEC: Research Paper in economics-this service is the result of a joint effort of hundreds of volunteers from 90 countries to enhance the dissemination of scientific research in the field of economics and related sciences. The heart of the project is a decentralized bibliographic database of working papers, magazine articles, and books. Everything is supported by volunteers. Now it consists of more than 1,900 archives from 90 countries, which contain about 2,300,000 studies. Today, approximately 50,000 authors are registered there.

It is worth noting that publishing of a scientific article in a foreign magazine is a difficult but not quick task, but nevertheless very important. It is a long-term investment that allows one to emphasize the authority of a scientist.


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