Stress And Anxiety Have Their Toll -- Its Overthink And Beyond!

Stress And Anxiety Have Their Toll -- Its Overthink And Beyond!

Anxiety is an emotion least discussed as a subject. The reason being, it is least understood even if persisting in an individual. Mostly, it is defined as a normal emotion, where an individual is likely to feel anxious. It is either a hushed subject or something that most individuals are oblivious about since it does not manifest for a long time. It takes as much as 180 days or more to finally be understood enough to seek medical help.  

What is Anxiety Disorder?
Psychologists have classified anxiety as a stress disorder. It is an umbrella term that has a host of symptoms in it. It is a set of mental illness or fogginess in the brain that hinders normal life and can attack an individual anytime with a raised heartbeat, breathlessness, sweat, or chest pain. Often there is strain felt in performing life normally and the brain sends signals in the form of discomfiture.  

A minor example of anxiety is the trepidations felt before seeking an examination or interview or a stage fear before a live performance. It manifests and becomes bigger when a similar discomfiture is faced while performing a few daily routine works. 

For people who suffer from it, worry and fear persist, disabling an individual with either a headache, nausea, or a trembling feeling. The individual finds each task overwhelming during this period until medical help comes to aid. 

People are restored to lead their normal life after either a break or counseling or medication that could also include antidepressants. Psychiatrists have described Anxiety disorders of six types, of which some of the common ones are: 

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) when a person is edgy and anxious on most subjects worrying about a lot of things at the same time without the ability to find a solution to it, psychologists term this stress as GAD. It can appear in all humans, middle-aged women and men alike, now also reportedly found in children. Its detection takes time as it begins to show eminently only after a period. In an individual, it manifests mostly after six months or more. 

Social anxiety disorder - Is an overwhelming concern about a feeling of an overthrow. It is a feeling of self-consciousness and self in-ability in handling the everyday social situation.  The disability in the interaction of various kinds by an individual socially. 

The individual, then, is likely to maintain social distancing mostly, by being quarantined home or within oneself. It is mostly driven by the individual apprehending about self as well as others of being judgemental about them. The fear in the mind is about the embarrassment of falling in a situation where you are likely to be ridiculed. 

Specific phobias - Phobia is a fear of the unknown when unduly stressed. An anxiety disorder that is so persistent of a great amount of fear of an object or situation. The phobia, if typically persists long in an individual, makes the individual fear all and every object being directed towards it to persecute the individual. It is a rapid onset of fear, and if present for more than six months, its manifestations can be difficult for those existing with the individual on account of the panic disorder. 

An instance with a further explanation can clarify the difference more. If you have a fear of flying, your response after boarding on a flight may not be as severe as a phobia. You may simply have a pre-flight drink or may invest your concentration into a game to stray your mind from any such factors which may engender your anxiety. On the other hand, if you are equipped with a phobia of flying, your emotional response would be so poignant after boarding on a flight, which may include sweat, cry or other psychological responses. You may have to cancel your trip due to severe anxiety produced by this kind of phobia.

There are typically three types of phobias categorized as simple, social, and agoraphobic, the last one is the fear of being alone in public places. Escaping from such a phobia requires counseling for healing with little chance of recovery, it is likely to manifest again under pressure. In a phobia, the irrational fear is about a situation, person, place, or object even a living being leading to a panic disorder of fearing every little occasion.   

Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a symptom of anxiety where several thoughts consistently plague an individual’s mind. In this people have unwanted thoughts bringing negativity and self-blame. The recurring, unwanted thoughts and ideas make them feel driven to do something continuously repeating the whole procedure again, and again. 

It could be as small activity as looking into the mirror to straighten your hair or dusting the house to keep it perfectly clean repetitively, the disorder resorts to having repeated behavior. This disorder follows compulsive and obsessive behavior.  

People stressed with the disorder may experience obsession or compulsion or both. And it is likely to cause a lot of distress. And an obsession for a thing, person, or work is a repetitive thought, urge, or image that does not go away from the mind plaguing it to function better.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is anxiety that manifests in person for years or months and triggers a memory that has intense physical and emotional reactions. The PTSD symptoms can send a patient into nightmares making patients recall those situations like a flash or even avoid those situations that bring heightened reactivity. It can be a trauma, heightened reactivity to stimuli, anxiety, or a depressed mood, or even a mood swing at all times. 

The reason behind Anxiety disorder is obsessively stressing over a situation to overstrain and underperform on account of the fear that is mostly persisting in the mind’s eye other than the real existing situation. The paranoia about it is so high, that it needs medical conditioning and counseling. 

In contemplating an anxiety-like situation, the past life of the individual really matters. The individual, whether has had a traumatic experience in the past that resonates with the individual’s present persona or situation can trigger stress. The genetic history of something similar witnessed by someone close, especially parents also triggers stress. In a situation like this, brain chemicals, known as the neurotransmitters, with a pair of structures inside the brain called amygdalae -- active in the limbic system of the brain -- play an important role in manipulating emotional behavior of an individual. 

The limbic region is for processing fear factors within the brain. It plays an important role in controlling emotion and behavior. It is best known by psychiatrists for their role in the processing of fear. When stressed, it becomes proactive to create an imbalance to feel unbearable anxiety and stress involved completely in a situation without actually having gone through in it much.

Best therapies to dispel anxiety disorder
1. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
It is a widely accepted therapy, found to be pretty effective in treating SAD, GAD, phobias, and panic disorders, among other types of anxiety disorders. The goal of CBT is to identify your irrational thought and negative feelings and to replace them with realistic thoughts and positive behavioral treatment. It is one of the best coping mechanisms, strategies, and applied differently by different therapists to heal the patients through a learning model of the holistic self-help attitude.

2. Dialectic Behavioural Therapy
Along with borderline personality therapy, it is now used to treat many other conditions of anxiety disorder. DBC focuses on developing a "dialectical" outlook, acceptance, and transformation. Both the acceptance of anxiety and coping mechanism- the two opposite sides of your life can gradually help you love the brighter self of yours, hidden behind the veil of the darker one. 4 powerful skills are taught during this DBC treatment. These are Mindfulness, Distress Tolerance, Interpersonal Effectiveness, and Emotional Regulation.

3. Art therapy
Art therapy is a non-verbal performance and experience-oriented therapy. It actually delves into the method of channelization, the internalized fear or feeling of anxiety through the filtration of expression, feeling. It is so engaging and less directive a method that every patient somehow starts feeling engaged. Either visual art techniques or performances are used in recapitulating the inner fear, collected either by any trauma or multiple experiences, and through this therapy, this kind of emotion can be relieved. It is a dynamic therapy that requires an expert therapist to conduct the whole process. A certain extent of patients and sensibility should necessarily be required from the friends and family members of the victim of anxiety disorder.


Getting help for anxiety is the only situation for recovering quickly out of it. The cure is in treating the condition or the state of paranoia that an individual reaches.  There are no laboratory tests for diagnosis of it. The outcome of treatment for the doctor is based on the symptoms that the patient describes. The most common of all anxiety is GAD. And psychological counseling with therapists is the first step in the right direction followed as a treatment for psychosomatic anxiety symptoms followed by mediation if necessary. Exercise and medication are defined as the best remedy for the emotional trauma that an individual is undergoing other than anti-anxiety medication. The visit for counseling increases with psychiatrists. 

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