Social Media Marketing During Lockdown: 5 Key Considerations

Social Media Marketing During Lockdown: 5 Key Considerations

Social media marketing during lockdown can be a cinch if you know exactly where to focus. This is essential considering there are hundreds of social networks out there that you can join. Or should you?


The truth is, managing multiple social media accounts - even with tools like Buffer, can be tasking. It is better to identify and stick with a few, those most closely aligned with your business, products, or services.


Due to prolonged quarantine, more and more people are spending more and more time online. That number is now over 4.57 billion people with 3.81 billion of them active on social media.


Therefore, social media marketing during lockdown is a no brainer, seeing there are so many users online on several social networks. In this post, I shall touch on social media, social media marketing, and highlight key considerations for your social media marketing during lockdown, but first


What is Social Media?


To some, Facebook readily comes to mind on hearing social media. But what exactly is social media? Social media is a group of websites and applications used for social networking, where users can chat, share posts, photos, videos, or other multimedia content. Popular examples include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.




What is Social Media Marketing?


Social media marketing is the promotion of products, goods, or services using social media. This can be achieved using posts, stories, building engagement, running contests, giveaways, or by running paid ads, etc.


Facebook alone has over 2.6 billion monthly active users, making it the largest and most popular choice for social media marketing. But does FB work for everyone every time?




Social Media Marketing During Lockdown


There are new trends in social media usage, especially since lockdown began. Understanding them can boost your social media marketing during lockdown which has been in place since March.


Attempts to restart the economy, protests, and such like analysts fear, might usher in a second wave of the pandemic with record new case counts per day in many states like Arizona, California, Texas, and about 16 others.


This may lead to yet another lockdown.


Already, nearly 25% of businesses across industries are at the risk of imminent closure due to the impacts of COVID-19. To safeguard your business, you need to strengthen your social media marketing during lockdown.


Here is a list of 75 popular social networks.


Attempting to market on all 75 will amount to biting more than you can chew.


So, which ones should you focus on? Here are


5 Considerations for Social Media Marketing During Lockdown


1. The Numbers


The first thing to look out for is the numbers. How popular are they, how many monthly active users do they have? How has their userbase grown since the lockdown began? For instance, Zoom has zoomed into prominence since the quarantine began. Can that be said of your preferred social network?


For instance, according to Facebook’s Q1 2020 reports, Daily Active Users (DAUs) and Monthly Active Users (MAUs) grew 11% and 10% respectively in March during widespread lockdown measures.

Similarly, video calls on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp grew almost two-fold as more users tried to connect and keep in touch with loved ones, colleagues, and family members during the quarantine.


2. Your Target Demographics


A particular social network may have huge numbers, but not your target demographics. If your business targets heads of government, CEOs, B2B firms and other professionals, Facebook, although huge, may not be the best place to focus your social media marketing during lockdown.


While numbers are essential as pointed out in #1 above, it is more important that you're marketing to the right segment or demographic. Using our example here, LinkedIn may be a better option for your social media marketing during lockdown.


So, keep an eye out for the numbers, especially members of your target demographics when implementing social media marketing at a time like this.


3. Engagement Levels


After crossing off huge numbers and your target demographics, the next criteria to tick off when selecting a social network for social media marketing during lockdown is the level of engagement.


Early into the lockdown, Facebook announced an increase in messaging and video content consumption on its platforms, with up to 70% more time spent on their apps in Italy. The social media giant however pointed out that the increase in engagement hasn’t yielded a commensurate increase in ad revenue as most of the services recording increased engagement are not monetized.


This could mean that users weren't engaging with the ads as much as they did with other content types, especially videos. So, you may want to consider incorporating more conversion optimized video content into your social video marketing strategy.


4. Business Friendliness


Social networks that support your kind of business model may be few, but they should have many robust business-friendly features. For instance, Facebook Shops just launched in May in partnership with Shopify and other key ecommerce players.


Facebook Shops allows certain businesses (for now) to open shop on Facebook. You can even connect your Shopify store to it and market your products to billions of users. These shops can also be connected to your Instagram account.


Instagram is another great destination for social media marketing during lockdown. Instagram users visit over 200 million IG business profiles daily, and over 60% of users use it to discover new products. Simply find out how many of your top competitors are also using the same platform for social media marketing this period, and do better.


5. Current Ad Revenue


Social networks reporting high ad revenue numbers may indicate that more people are trusting them and using their ad services more. This means the users are making more sales and are willing to increase spending.


This way you can better tell which social networks are best for social media marketing during lockdown, judging by the current results they're posting in times like this.


You can also monitor certain social media ads related keywords like Facebook ads, Instagram ads, YouTube ads, etc, and see how many new courses or content are being created to help users win at social media marketing during lockdown. Many such courses share recent ad performance results as social proof or testimonials.




Social media marketing during lockdown or any other marketing for that matter can be dicy. This is because people are learning to be choosy and manage funds in case the lockdowns extend.


However, people are still spending money especially online. Keep these five considerations in mind when doing social media marketing during lockdown.


Remember to consider:

  1. The numbers

  2. Your target demographics

  3. Engagement levels

  4. Business friendliness, and

  5. Current ad revenue

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