Why your Facebook ads are not performing?

It's heart-breaking for any business to realise that their Facebook ads are not performing as well as they expect to. Low performing ads also mean that you are paying a lot more than what you are receiving in return. Thankfully, there is no problem out there; you can't find a solution. However, to come up with a solution to this particular problem, you will first have to understand the problem thoroughly.

If you are still wondering why your Facebook ads might not be performing desirably, then the following could be some of the underlying reasons. Read on-

  • The most important thing to keep in mind when you design your campaign is that the audience is always looking for something interesting on Facebook. So, forget about earning business through sub-par ads. Your ads need to attract the attention of Facebook users in seconds, maybe less. Essentially, you have got only a few seconds at hand to prove through your ads that your brand is promising, and you are selling excellent products or services.

Remember, first impressions matter on a platform like Facebook. And in such a scenario, you can't ignore the quality of your ads.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind while creating ads for Facebook. Make sure they look trustworthy; see to it that the images used catch users' attention; and if possible, try to spark emotions in the audience with your ads. These are some critical points, and you shouldn't neglect them, no matter what.

  • When you set up your campaign initially on Facebook, you can quickly end up choosing the wrong campaign objective. This can cause your ads to underperform. To select the right campaign objective, you have to see to it that it is in sync with the goal of your business.

So, give yourself enough time before you can decide on whether your campaigns are for page likes, video views, traffic, lead generation, or say engagement. Unless and until you have done your research and figured this out, don't go about setting up your campaign on Facebook.

  • Another important thing you will have to understand is that the placement of your ads can significantly affect their cost per result. There are options like an Instagram mobile newsfeed, Facebook desktop newsfeed, etc.- choose wisely.
  • Further, Facebook targeting shouldn't be taken casually, at any cost. Facebook ads are pretty different from Google ads. In the case of Google ads, keywords do a considerable amount of the work when it comes to building your audience. But Facebook ads are not like that - you begin with an audience here. And that is why you have to be extra cautious while choosing your target audience for your Facebook ads.

Also, your target audience doesn't need to remain constant throughout the life of your ads. For instance, during the phase of brand awareness, you can choose a broader niche, and once you have grown sufficiently confident that a lot of people are aware of your brand, you can start tightening the slot.

Although those mentioned above are trivial-looking reasons, they could cause a sea of difference in how your Facebook ads perform. And that is why keeping them in mind when you consider Facebook advertising

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