Maximize your marketing ROI with Targeted Email Marketing during COVID-19

Maximize your marketing ROI with Targeted Email Marketing during COVID-19

COVID-19 has caused an upheaval in all our lives, including our businesses. The coronavirus marketing statistics also display a downgrade graph. Even the marketing firms are forced to lay off their employees as social distancing and other preventive measures being practiced worldwide have led to the failure of these marketing strategies. However, even during these times, email marketing is one aspect of marketing that is still working fine. It is still being seen as a marketing platform to get more revenues, communicate effectively with your prospective clients, and even share your products and services with your favorite audience.


Remember, acquiring a new client takes much more than retaining a client. This is where targeted email marketing comes into the picture. Many business owners have availed the benefits of making use of business mailing lists to grow their business even during these pandemic days. As per marketing experts, email marketing is the best tool to get more leads and engage your present clients more. Let us talk about why is it so:


  • As per studies, the click-through rates (CTRs) for email lists are 47% much higher than any other marketing strategy.


  • Email marketing is considered to be the third most effective and influential source of exchanging information by B2B audiences. 


  • Clients who decide to buy products through email campaigns tend to spend more than those who do not receive an email at all.


What Is ROI or Return-On-Investment for Targeted Email Marketing?


Well, the Oi depends upon the business size, whether small or big. For example, if you are an e-commerce website, your customers may react positively to the transactional emails. However, when it comes to a B2B firm, the ROI may be connected to your revenue goals. In this case, it would be advisable for you to work on creating an awesome marketing campaign.


What Are The Advantages Of Email Marketing


Even though many people believe that emails have died, it isn't, especially in the present times. The last of 2019 saw the email users being increased to 2.9 billion worldwide. This implies that about one-third of our planet's population is using emails. Thus, you can see the worth of making use of email marketing and the positive impact it can have on your marketing ROI. Let us walk through some of the benefits of using email lists for marketing.



Your Prospective Clients Check Their Emails Frequently


The present generation believes in checking its emails at least once a day. You can find an average person checking his email at least twice. Thus, you can imagine the percentage increase in the visibility of your content. Also, this implies that you get a better chance of crossing your clients' eyes once in a day. 


Email Marketing Results In Better Conversion Rates When Compared To Other Marketing Strategies


Email marketing, as per experts, enjoys a much better conversion rate when compared to other marketing strategies being employed. Moreover, even during these pandemic days, the email lists are witnessing much more conversion rates as most of the time, people are using their online platforms to communicate with the outside world. Thus, it is advisable to make use of this email marketing strategy effectively to get new leads. Also, if you have a repeat customer, you can always make use of the information provided by them to personalize your emails. 


The Cost-Effectiveness Is More As Compared To Traditional Marketing 


If the marketing world is to be believed, then email marketing is inexpensive when compared to print as well as direct media. With targeted email marketing, you have to put in minimum investments as well as resources to reach your customers. Moreover, as per the statistics given by DBS Data, you can easily enjoy an average return of about $38 for $1 that you spend on your email lists. 

You can get email lists from email data providers such as AverickMedia.


You Enjoy Increase In Traffic For Your Website With Email Marketing


One of the significant challenges being faced by people nowadays is increasing traffic to their websites. Though you may take help from diverse digital marketing tactics, such as SEO, as well as social media management, getting a ranking on Google can take a lot of time from your end. You need to give at least 6 months to SEO strategies to work while social media asks you to be active at all times so that you can be in constant touch with your clients. However, with email marketing, it is not so, especially with targeted email marketing. Also, with email marketing, you can be sure that the traffic to your website is relevant enough and can offer you positive results. 




The benefits of email marketing are enormous when it comes to maximizing your marketing ROI during COVID-19. The need remains only to make use of this strategy tactfully and effectively. Remember, too much of everything is bad. Thus, refrain from sending too many emails to your prospective leads. Otherwise, a working strategy may turntables for your business as well. 

Andrew Rayel is passionate about meeting people and interacting with them. I help businesses to stop playing around with B2B marketing and start seeing tangible ROI. Currently, I am a Marketing Analyst at AverickMedia, which offer innovative solutions when it comes to providing b2b email lists
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