How Can Separation Agreement Protect Your Children?

During marital separations, emotions flow freely, and it can be difficult for some couples to remain at the usual self. It could cause disagreements that may have a negative effect on your kids.

Separation agreement makes the separation smooth, reduces friction, and also ensures that the interests of dependent children don’t suffer. In this post, you will come to know how to negotiate and include child custody and support in the separation agreement with child pdf. In this way, you can protect your kids from experiencing strain from breakdown.

About Child Custody

It establishes how the parents will care for their children. It details the rights and responsibilities of parents after a divorce or separation. It helps find answers to the following questions after the separation.

Will it be sole custody or joint custody? In sole custody, one parent will have control over the children. He can make decisions and care for their needs.
Who will take care of the children daily? How will the decisions about the children be taken? How will disagreements be resolved? Where are they going to live after separation?

It is crucial to choose the right arrangement for your situation so that there is a minimal impact on you and your kids.

Various Types of Child Custody Arrangements

Different custody arrangements decide how the children are cared for and how the decision will be made after you and your ex-spouse separate. Let’s get into more details:

  • Legal custody. It is when a parent or parents are legally entitled to decide for your children. It can be granted to only one parent or shared by both of them. The court will uphold the decisions made by the parent with legal custody. Any decision made by the parent without legal custody will be overturned.

  • Physical Custody. In this form, the parent has control over the day-to-day care of the children. The person is also called the caretaker. The children live with a parent who has physical custody.  But in some cases, the children live with both you and your spouse at times. In most instances, the primary caretaker in the one who lives with the children and takes the day-to-day decisions.

  • Sole Custody. It means only one parent has full legal and physical custody of the children. The other person doesn’t have it, but he or she has the child visitation rights. Sole custody is granted by the court if one parent can prove that such an arrangement is best for the children.

  • Joint Custody. In this form of arrangement, the parents have joint legal custody and or joint physical custody. In other words, joint custody means both parents have legal and physical custody.

Which Arrangement Is Most Suitable For You?

Many factors have to be considered. When a court determines custody, it evaluates the overall well-being of children. It establishes whether the parent was the primary caregiver for the children in the past. The ability of the parents to keep the children in the discipline. Which home or area the children currently live and the mental and physical health of the person. The children’s relationship with a parent, the integrity and behavior of the parent are considered as well.

When it comes to making decisions for and about the children, after separation, you can make joint decisions, sole decisions, and dividend decisions.

The joint decision involves both the spouses, while sole decisions would mean that you and your spouse would make their own decision.


The separation spouses need to keep the interests of kids ahead of theirs. There are numerous sites where child separation agreement with child pdf can be created online.

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