|| Suhel Seth|| 5 Books by Suhel Seth You Must Read For Social Success

It is definitely not easy to find success in life. With that being said, if you have the right mindset and proper knowledge, there should be no reason for you to not seek out your goals in life. Suhel Seth, the Managing Partner of Counselage India and founder of Equus, brings to you a total of five books amongst many that you must read to climb that endless but the achievable ladder of social success.

Get to the Top

There are a million questions that we have about gaining social success. How do we impress the powerful and draw more people towards ourselves? We may often wonder. To make a positive impact and network with the best around, to cultivate influential friends and turn faces into more than just acquaintances – ‘Get to the Top’ is bound to be your ultimate guide to social success. 

From how to throw the best party to the advantages that comes with befriending people around you, Suhel Seth provides us with strategies and practical advice to climb the ladder of becoming a successful networker. Inspiring, intelligent and strategic - this book shall enlighten you in ways you would cherish forever.

Mantras for Success

Lose yourself in the world of India's finest CEOs and business leaders, baring their experiences right in front of you. These leaders will take you to a ride into how they built their businesses and corporations, nurturing and increasing their present standards of excellence.

Even though this book is intended to cater to the general, inquisitive minds, looking forward to building a successful career and even a successful life, it can also specifically benefit those who are involved in businesses - from CEOs to normal employees!

If you want to learn about the secrets of their abilities to innovate, break the conventions and overcome challenges, generate strategies, all you have to do is get your copy of the book and read on.

How to be Socially Successful?

Not everyone in the world is born with the gift of gab. If it is of any comfort, even extroverts sometimes lose their charming selves, miserably failing at initiating or continuing an effective conversation. In this book, Suhel Seth suggests a series of practical hacks that can be efficiently used to completely transform the way you interact with your clients, team members, and even strangers. 

This book will certainly, give you some fresh ideas on how to be presentable across all walks of life.

How to Network: The Party

From making a new acquaintance, initiating a rather fueled-up conversation, prying insights to landing a new client - all of this can be done in the due course of just one party. However, when it comes to networking, first things first - do not treat it like networking. 

As a guest, one is expected to bring good cheer to the mood of the party. However, as a host, one is supposed to bring everything clubbed together to the table.

Besides constantly trying to put in reckless efforts, Suhel Seth in his book 'How to Network: The Party', has an answer to all your questions and more.

The Gift of Conversation

This book is especially for all of us who feel anxious while talking to new people, for the ones whose deadliest terror is the hopeless awkward silence. Too many of us struggle with one typical problem - How do I keep this conversation going? 

Good conversations are said to be the very essence of a successful party. However, not everyone can carry out conversations without having to think twice about what to say next. 

Fret no more. Suhel Seth's 'The Gift of Conversation' brings to the table some really quick, simple and easy pointers on how to cultivate the art of talking in the social and professional sphere.

From knowing the importance of silence to the magic of the right words - Suhel Seth's books cover it all. His books make us walk the thin line of taking a stand and being overly aggressive to handling arguments with sheer efficacy - Suhel sums it all up with brilliant advice and a lot of wit.


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