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Art is giving the illusions a shape or an expression. One cannot define art, as it doesn’t have any specified rules or any boundaries. It is free from any biased judgement or prejudice. Painting is one such type of artwork besides literature, poem writing, music or dance, etc. Every artist has a different set of skills. Some paintings are so beautiful that they are exactly the picturesque of what an artist saw, while some just depict the expressions. Portraits is an image of the person or animal while Abstract art does not depict a person, place, etc. They are visual references which are open to interpretation. Landscape painting includes usually the realistic details of land, water, sunlight or clouds, etc. In order to paint all these paintings and artist makes use of following mediums-

  1. Oil- It is the process of painting a picture with a medium of drying oil. These paintings can be really versatile. Commonly used drying oils include linseed oil, poppy seed oil, walnut oil, and safflower oil. Oil paintings tend to take a longer time for drying, which lets an artist to create paintings with fine detail and textural effects. Oil is one of the most complex mediums to draw with, thus an artist needs to have a clear and thorough understanding of all the materials. Irmasart is famous for its oil paintings.
  2. Acrylic- It is a fast drying paint. They can be easily diluted with the waters, but becomes water- resistant once dried. They give the artist an option to mix clean and bright colours very easily. However, blending with acrylics can be frustrating due to the speed of the drying time. Gloss mediums, Gel mediums, Glaze mediums, etc. are some of the additives that can be used with acrylic paints.
  3. Pastel- It is dry medium and not a wet medium. They are held in the same way as one would hold a pencil, crayon or paint brush. Pastel comes in four different types, the soft pastels, the hard pastels, pastel pencils and the oil pastels. The soft pastels are the most widely used; it has a higher portion of pigments and less binder. Soft pastels can be smudged easily.  The hard pastel are usually rectangular and has a higher portion of the binder and less pigment. The pastel pencils are pencils with pastel leads. Pastel pencils are less messy and are encased in a wood. Oil pastels have a wax winder, thus cannot be used in combination with other pastels.
  4. Tempura-Tempura paint dries rapidly and it allows for great precision. Once it dries, it produces a smooth matte finish.

Techniques of art can be learned, but the skill and the creativity of an artist is something that he is blessed with. Irma art is known for its precision paintings. These days’ paintings are used as a part of interior décor. People decorate living rooms, bedrooms, in fact every part of the house with luscious looking paintings. Appreciate the art and look for the paintings that speaks for themselves.

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