What to include in a Modern Floor Plan Design?

What to include in a Modern Floor Plan Design?

A floor plan is a drawing that shows you the layout of a home,apartment,building or any other property. Floor plans are always drawn to a particular scale and will show us the room sizes, room types and different wall lengths. Floor plans show the location of walls, windows, doors and stairs. It also includes fixed installations like bathroom fixtures and other appliances. Floor plans may also include other elements like furniture layouts or outdoors. 

Types of floor plans:

  • 2-D floor plans: A 2-D floor plan means that the floor plan is a flat drawing without any perspective or depth. A 2-D floor plan can be a sketch, blueprint or even a computer drawing. 2-D type of floor plan shows the layout of the space including walls and rooms.

  • 3-D floor plans: A 3-D floor plan shows the layout of a building or any apartment in 3-D. In 3-D floor plan, both height and perspective is shown. 3-D floor plans have more details and makes it very easy to understand space.


How to create a floor plan?

There are some steps that need to be followed to make a perfect floor plan design.

Step 1. Make a thorough list of your needs and requirements of what will occupy the space.

Step 2. In order to have the correct measurements, measure twice. 

What to measure?

  • Walls from side to side and from the floor to the ceiling.

  • Measure the space where electrical outlets, switches and other electric controls are situated.

  • Exterior walls or footprints, outway doors, entries and windows.

  • Measure all the architectural features like shelves, fireplaces etc, properly.

  • Objects that will be placed inside the building.

Step 3. Floor plans should always have a particular scale which will reduce the drawing so that the entire screen can fit on the piece of paper or a particular screen. Same scale should also be applied to the objects and furniture.

Step 4. Always think about the sightlines. Think properly about the doorways, windows, walls what makes the most sense for the purposes you intend for space.

Step 5. Keeping all the components in your mind, organise the plan and render it.

Step 6. Review the wants and needs, evaluate accessibility, usable space or privacy.

Step 7. Share your plan with someone else to look over your floor plan for the feedback.

Characteristics of a good floor plan

  • Make sure that your designed floor plan is versatile and very flexible. Your floor plan should be such that an office can be turned into a child's bedroom for future purpose.

  • Make the layout of your floor plan ideal. Make sure that the bedrooms are far away from dining rooms or living rooms. 

  • Whenever you are designing any room, hall etc. think about how many people will be present there at a time.

  • Find a balance between architectural details and practical considerations. Always think about the safety of your children and keep in mind the other important factors. 

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