10 Expert Ways To Develop a Website That Actually Sells

Websites these days are no longer anything just like static interfaces with a key role to just display products or their information (just like products lying over the shelf in the supermarket) for the website visitors’ use. Websites these days are like those salespeople who speak volume about their store products to persuade the visitors to end up buying them, but here your website’s design and architecture would do the talking and tell visitors why they need to stay longer and take next best action to convert into a customer. 

If you too dream about having a website that sells or supports your business/brand to grow to new heights each day, in the following, we will highlight the 10 smart tips to design & develop a website that is a prerequisite to growing leads & brand image, all suggested from custom web design services experts.

10 Tips to Build a Website that Grows Business - Suggested By Website Designing Services Experts

Before you make it to the website design services artist, know of these 10 web design &  development tips that are effective at growing any business at a fast pace.

1. Develop a website that is mobile responsive  

Do you know almost 90% of users these days prefer mobile phones to do the easy to complex shopping tasks, and 40% of customers will go towards the competitor websites if they face a bad mobile user experience? 

It doesn’t matter if you are running an eCommerce store or some other generic website, you need to have a mobile responsive version for it for sure. Because even search engines like Google give ranking preference to the websites based on their mobile responsiveness only.  Ask your website design services providers to give great preference to mobile responsiveness to stay ahead in the customers & search engine priority list. 

2. Pay great attention to CTAs aka “Call to Actions”

Call to actions are the compelling phrases or directives for the user defining what activity or process needs to be done next. Like on a fashion eCommerce store, the buttons like 50% off or buy now, these are the examples of few CTAs, that compels the audience to move and take the next best step to come closer to the end of their purchase journey. If you host a website with slim to none or no CTAs at all, you will:

  • Keep customers in dilemma about what to do next or how to move forward

  • Make them bounce back to other competitor websites.

Pro tip - However, you cannot insert too many CTAs inside your website, each web section should have a minimum one CTA at least. Too many CTAs can puzzle the audience and make you sound self-boastful or promotional. Your professional web design services team would know of the perfect balance to design & place these CTAs that actually convert.

3. Make it intuitive & navigable 

Your website should have intuitive and clear navigational elements. Don’t make it difficult for users to connect between the internal pages. If they are scrolling through any section of the website, getting back to important pages like contact or home should be very easy for them. Your website elements should be intuitively placed, even if your visitors are visiting your website for the first time, they should know already where to place the clicks to get their purpose fulfilled. 

The header and footer should have the menu with minimum headings and subheadings. The layout should be such that it makes it easy for the users to scroll and navigate around the website, otherwise, they would immediately bounce back. Talk to your website design services team to find out the right way to make your website navigable & intuitive to use for new users.

4. Make a design that distinguishes your identity from competitors 

Do you know it is the design of the website that speaks and tempts visitors to stay for longer? Your website has 0.3 seconds to convince the visitor to stay a little longer. You need to work on a design that’s focused around strong design principles. 

  • Design a website that distinguishes you from contemporaries, is functional & attractive yet simple to use.

  • Choose graphics and images that have a broader meaning and convey a story within. 

  • Add value-adding elements that others are missing, it could be in the form of feature, service, or information that others are missing.

Hire a custom web design services agency that knows how to stick to strong & acceptable design principles to increase your visitors’ retention, page view rates, and new business prospects.

5. Design a website that is uncluttered 

In order to go for the functional and feature-packed websites, don’t overboard your websites with gunky and too many elements. Simplicity should be your go-to design element.  

  • If the website has too much information or the wall of text, it will confuse the reader and force him to exit the session. Minimal text with straight product information is a thing to do.

  • Don’t add an unrequired social media widget that doesn’t support your website content. If you are a fashion eCommerce store, do you think adding professional widgets like LinkedIn would be worth placing?

  • Also, don’t add too many pop-ups, otherwise, users will go blind and astray in their purpose of visiting your website.

  • Don’t place too many graphics and motion pictures, balance the mix of text and graphics. 

  • Don’t go too much at what you do. Keep your business propositions alive and aloud and focus on language that temps the reader to stop, shop and convert. 

How to know if you are overdoing it? Look for the competitive websites that are making a name in the crowd and see what designing criteria they are following, you will know the difference. Team up with a professional web design services agency that has experience of designing simplified yet over the top websites.  

6. Treat all the technical performance  issues 

  • Make sure your website is not heavily loaded like a washing machine full of clothes, otherwise, it will break the user experience.

  • Don’t host a website that takes eternity or more than 3 seconds to load. Your users are fast, they won’t hang up too much.

  • Make sure your website is omnichannel supported and gives the same user experience over desktops, tablets & mobile without altering the design elements.

Ask your partnering custom web design services agency to audit your website for technical issues and treat them to deliver a smooth & interruption-free user experience to the audience. 

7. Your website should be personalized to the needs of the audience  

Don’t host a website, that is self-boasting and has a block of text or images talking about your brand. People like websites that draw a real-based situation and tell how exactly their website is going to be the right fit for their number of problems or queries. 

Even if your website is selling life insurance policies or is into selling of diet plans, apart from about us section, your combination of content + graphics should reflect about:

  • Why do people need your offerings? (like if you sell hardware  solutions, why should the public need it).

  • What specific offerings do you deliver or sell to the audience? (like what exact hardware solutions you sell)

  • Why do they need to buy it from you only? (boost to a little about your exceptional quality products/services)

Team up with a website designing services agency, that needs how to serve personalized websites for your end-customers.

8. Go for the continuous website development process 

If you think to create a website one-time thing, no it is not. Even after creating a website, your work is far from over. Don’t design a website and forget it for years. A website that makes continuous and timely development & design regular goes a long way. You can either add new interesting sections to the website or build new pages to reflect that you are growing and expanding according to the time. You can consider a full redesigning to afresh your elements, and bring a new youthful vibe to it according to the changing times. 

If you continue on the same layout that was famous in the 90s, you will bore the audience and won’t inspire them. Thus, to stay upbeat in the market, invest in timely updates or redesign or changes to the website with your partnering professional web design services artists - to thrive with the trends.

9. Make sure your website has updated Information or content  

It is a big turn off for the audience to see those websites that don’t make cautious & conscious efforts to put accurate and updated content to their website. 

  • Give a deep dig read to each copy to know of the error before it goes live. 

  • Make sure the web copies are optimized & edited carefully and periodically.

  • If you have a blog or news section on your website, update it regularly, otherwise, users would consider your website as inactive & unappealing to transact with.

Get the help of a website design services agency that builds you a customized CMS platform that makes content altering and adding very easy for the website owners, without the need for constant webmasters around.

10. Weave your website around SEO factors 

You cannot go on designing a website that fails to highlight the SEO factors. Your website from the start should have elements or an architecture that is in compliance with the search engine’s indexing & ranking factors. Everything on your website from design, graphics to content should comply with the algorithms of search engines. 

Thus, for that, you need a website designing services agency that knows how to work around the search engine’s expectations and has close knowledge of the search engine’s timely Algorithms roll-out.  


Designing and developing a website is neither an “overnight” or “finally done” procedure. Your website needs timely updates and changes as per the latest trends of users & search engines. Designing a website needs continuous reviewing and revisit to know what can be done next. So these were the 10 expert custom web design services agencies suggested tips to build & transform a website that turns readers into buying customers. There are hundreds of ways to build or redesign a website that sells, which you know when you connect with renowned website designing services professionals.



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