5 Tips for Truck Rental When Moving

5 Tips for Truck Rental When Moving

When you need to move locally, an easy way to save money and have control is to do it yourself and move your items with Truck Rental. While it can seem like a good idea to do everything yourself, it can be useful to stop and think things through before you get in over your head.

Let’s take a minute to consider what’s involved with renting your truck for the move so you can expertly navigate your move!

1. Is DIY Truck Hire really what you want?

There a lot of things to think about when considering hiring a truck, the most essential being: Do I really need to hire a truck at all?

It is crucial to weigh up all of your options before diving straight in! Will you be better off doing it yourself? Or will it be a better idea to hire a professional moving company to do it, so you can sit back and relax?

It’s a classic dilemma which everyone faces early in their move prep. Here a few things to keep in mind when making your decision:

  • Cost
  • Distance
  • Number of items
  • Number of specialty items
  • Time until move
  • Labor
  • Safety
  • Packing / unpacking

 2. Pick The Right Truck Hire Company

Moving Truck Hire - So, you’ve decided to do it yourself! Now it’s time to pick an expert moving truck hire company to help you with your move. There are a number of companies out there, some good, and some bad. Make sure you pick a company that will give you the best deal for your needs. 

Some things to consider when choosing a company to hire through: 

  1. Check the highest rated moving truck companies in your local area out online. Read the reviews, check their policies and services. Request a quote from a number of them.
  2. Compare quotes. Don’t just go with whoever you come across first! Take the time to look through the quotes, compare them and find what works best for you.
  3. Call the company and have a chat, discuss the details of your move with them to try and gauge whether they are the right fit for you.
  1. Pick the removal truck company which best meets your needs and suits your budget.

3. Understand Truck Rental Costs

Removal Truck Hire Sydney - Everyone wants the best truck possible for the lowest price. You should be too. In order to do that you’ll need an understanding of the costs involved for truck rental.

Truck rental companies usually charge a daily or hourly rate. This can often be dependent on the size of the truck. Some truck rental providers will offer a number of kilometers as the base for the move distance. Of course, you can always pay for additional km if needed.

This is again different for national truck rental companies, who may offer unlimited distance when you hire for one-way moves.

The majority of truck rental agencies charge more on weekends, around national holidays and at the beginning and end of each calendar month. The reason for those higher truck rental rates is that the cargo trucks are in high demand during those peak periods.

Most truck rental providers will also charge extra for weekends, on public holidays and at the beginning and end of the calendar month—the reason being a higher truck rental demand during these times.

4. Choose the Right Truck Rental Size

Hiring a Moving Truck - Now that you’ve selected the best company to rent a moving truck from get their advice on what size of moving truck, you will need to hire. This is one of the questions they get asked the most, so you should trust their recommendation unless you have a good reason to disagree with them.

So you’ve picked a truck rental company to hire a moving truck through! Great, now its time to get their advice on the size of the truck you will need for your move. They get asked this question a lot and will be more than happy to take you through their options - it is after all their job.

Once you have chosen the right sized truck for the job, make sure you to book it ASAP in order to get the better price and vehicle of choice.

5. Save Money on Truck Rental

Truck rental should help you save you money. This is the best-case scenario. Otherwise, you would have chosen just to hire movers and sit back while someone else does everything for you.

Our final advice on how to hire a moving truck is all about saving money for the duration of your DIY move.

Our last piece of advice for truck rental is about how to save money for your ENTIRE move.

 Have a budget! List out everything, so you don’t get surprised by hidden costs. Include everything down to; fuel, tolls, insurance, parking fees, food and emergency expenses.

  • Do your research! Compare multiple truck rental companies to get the best deal.
  • Book ahead! Reserving your truck early on in your move prep can often fetch a lower price.
  • Ask around! Check-in with your truck rental provider for discounts, coupons of exclusive deals which could help lower your costs!
  • Return your truck on time! There are often extra charges for late returns. Remember to have the truck clean and refueled on arrival for further savings!

Now you have everything you need to organise your truck rental for your next move. Remember to take your time and do not let the stress get to you. Moving can be hard and expensive, but you have made a great decision in managing it yourself.

So for the best rent a truck company around, contact Mobile Truck rental. We offer 3 truck hire from Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville & Surrounds



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