How to Give a Birthday Surprise Under 1000 Rs

How to Give a Birthday Surprise Under 1000 Rs

So are you curious to know how to give a birthday surprise to your loved one in just under 1k? I will tell you how I gave a birthday surprise to my cuisine this year on her 21st birthday.

This year on her birthday I was facing some financial issues and not able to spend much. But as she is not only my cuisine but also my BFF I wanted to do something special for her on her birthday. I wanted to make her 21st birthday as special as I made earlier I knew that she also expects the same from me.

So Let’s see how I managed to arrange everything to surprise her on her birthday for 1000 rupees.

Birthday Cake: The most important thing for a birthday party and quite tough to do cost-cutting when it comes to cake. To save money I ordered a cake online in Chennai for her and got some extra discount on it. It was an amazing idea as I didn't have to visit multiple places to get a perfect cake in my budget and it got delivered on time. One more thing I would like to add that ordering an online cake is great because you can get a cake at your doorstep on the fixed time you need. I ordered cake for the midnight cake delivery option. I was so surprised when it got delivered on time at our doorstep.

Decoration: I organized the surprise at home only and selected the DIY decor. I decorated her room with balloons and colored paper buntings I made at home. It cost me very low and it gave me a perfect birthday party ambiance. I used some fairy lights in the room to decorate the plants in her room that was giving so charming looks. I have another idea for you that is very cost-effective that you can make DIY lamps to hang with balloons and paper buntings.

Food & Entertainment: As I knew I didn’t have much budget left so I decided to order some snacks from outside and cook something at home for her. As it was a birthday surprise for her, I only ordered her favorite snacks from the nearest bakery and made a delicious pizza at home. I decided not to invite many guests the reason I already mentioned before that I was running through a tough time in terms of pocket. So food didn't cost me high. I would suggest the same that if you are planning to give a surprise and want it doesn't harm your pocket. Cook something for them they love the most. They would love to know that you prepared something for them and it would be more heart-melting for them.

For music, my cuisine brother helped me out to set the music system in her room to play her favorite songs. As you know without music there is no life at a party. I would suggest the same that you should use the appliance you have at your home or with you.

Finally, the day came and all the things were planned. The cake arrived on time, she was very happy to see the decoration and arrangements I did for her birthday. She cut the cake first then we had some snacks. After eating we turned on the music and enjoyed it a lot. That was a perfect birthday party as per me and I didn’t have to pay much for it.

I hope it could help you to know how you can also give a birthday surprise under a small budget like 1000 rs.

I am Sarmistha. I like to write about trending lifestyle hacks. I am a lifestyle blogger.
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