Can We Customize Unfold Die-Cut Boxes At Home?

Can We Customize Unfold Die-Cut Boxes At Home?

Who likes to package their valuable merchandise in over or undersized packaging? Or a box that does not exhibit or portray any essential feature of the product that is carrying inside of it? Nobody! This is the reason why Die cut boxes are so much popular in the retail industry. These boxes are somewhat a revolution in the packaging industry since they have given designing a table a whole new meaning. Dynamic shapes that are achieved through precise die cuts have given the retail world some of the most amazing and widely recognized box styles and shapes. These boxes can be made from any material that can be used to manufacture a packaging box. The only difference that they have from the rest of the box types is that they have cuts in them that are pressed into them with the help of special dies. They give out premium quality outcomes when they are utilized for retail packaging since some of the most amazing retail boxes fall under their category. Die-cut packaging is a prevalent form of packaging today due to its display capabilities. Therefore its usage has expanded massively in recent years. These boxes can also be designed at home. Let us discuss a simple method of making a die-cut box at home with simple equipment.

 Die Cut Packaging

Before making Die Cut boxes, one needs to understand what it is. Die-cut packaging is being used in large numbers throughout the packaging industry due to its unique properties. Its strength lies in its ability to display items kept in it. As the name suggests, it has a die-cut design with a window. That window is used to for displaying the article. In addition to that, it is also highly protective. Wholesale Die Cut Boxes are affordable since they are made from organic materials. These materials are also recyclable, making die-cut packaging a friend of the natural environment. To make a die-cut box, some essential steps have to be followed in the proper sequence. Here are they:


Fetch the Materials 

The first step to making custom die-cut boxes is to collect the necessary supplies. In the case of a die-cut box, one also needs to have a particular set of equipment that is used to make it. The list is not very long and includes scissors, blade, a marker, cardstock, a necessary scale, a solid shape that one likes to mold the box into, and decorative items such as sheets. The setup of making custom die-cut boxes cannot be completed even if one of these accessories is missing.

 Marking Outlines

The outlines of the Custom Designed Die Cut Boxes need to be decided first. Marking shapes is the next logical step in this process. Marker of any color can be used as long as it is legible and clear. The cardboard needs to be placed on a flat surface, be it a table, floor, or any other surface. From one side to the other, a line of 1 cm width should be drawn. In the center, mark two lines that are 2 cm apart from each other. Mark two more tracks on the longer side, both with 2 cm width. Make sure that these outlines are marked clearly and neatly. These should be straight too.

 Cutting Outlines

After marking the outlines, it is time to cut them in a particular way to make Die Cut Folding Boxes. The top part should be cut in a way that it has some distance from the already drawn perpendicular lines in the center. The same cutting should be done for the two parallel lines in the middle with a 2cm distance in between them. One of the most superior designs for window cut boxes is an octagon. Therefore, cut it in an octagonal shape without cutting it completely. There should be a link between the wings of the octagon and the center. A beautiful lid should also be designed for Die Cut Boxes With cover. If there are any rough edges, they need to be cut down and thrown away. This makes for a smooth that is necessary for an impeccable box.

 The Design


This is an easy step because it decides the design of the Corrugated Die-Cut Packaging. The shape in which the box has to be cut down should be placed in the center. It should then be marked and cut with the paper blade. The blade should be used with great care and precision. Even the fraction of errors can affect the designing process. Therefore it is crucial that there is enough light there to see die-cut packaging clearly. After it has been appropriately cut, a transparent sheet should be pasted on it. It should be let dry before moving on.

 Fold it

When the adhesive pasted on the previous step is dried, the wings or the parts that were cut beforehand should be folded inside in a way that a streamlined Cardboard Die Cut Boxes are achieved. Ensure that the creases on the wings are on the same part on each arm. Otherwise, the result would be an irregular shape. These should also be secured by using an adhesive, and it should be adequately dried.

 Decoration Matters

Before moving on to the decoration of die-cut packaging boxes, it is essential to note that the adhesive used must be dried by giving them ample time. If they are not dried properly, the table will break down while further usage, causing damage to the product. The decorative box is a varied one as it depends upon the preferences of the person designing the table. Different graphics can be printed on printed die-cut boxes for an enhanced look. Moreover, some stickers can also be used to beautify it. This is a simple method to make a die-cut box at home. It does not use any complex instruments or sophisticated technologies. Even children with a little bit of practice are able to make this box at home without any significant problems. It must be noted that this process can be used for making only a few boxes. If one wants to have many tables, it is better to contact the die-cut boxes manufacturer. Although the process some attention and precision, once it is practiced well, it is not hard to master it.


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