Which Is The Best Web Data Scraping Tool?

Which Is The Best Web Scraping Tool?

Companies and developers are spending millions, if not billions, on extracting data from websites to supercharge their market intelligence, make better investment decisions, and build better products for their customers. But the world of web scraping can be complicated.

There are hundreds of tools, APIs, and frameworks available online, making it very difficult for you to figure out which ones best meet your needs.

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best, reliable, and cheap data extraction tools for data collection.

5 Best Web Scraping Tools For Data Collection

Since there are different tools and services, it may be even difficult to distinguish them and see which one is better compared to another.

Based on how they work, the following is a classification of web scraping tools available in the market right now:

1. Anysite Web Scraper

Anysite Web Data Extractor is the fastest and the best data collection tool that you have ever used due to its multiple features. By using this Web-Page Scraper you can build a huge database of emails and phone numbers from any website available on the internet easily. Moreover, you can build your own custom scraper by using this web scraper. You can collect data from any social media website, business directory websites, forums, and other listings sites by using this data extraction tool. You can scrape Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Amazon, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Manta, and many more websites you want to scrape. You can find many web scrapers on the internet for scraping these sites like Amazon scraper, Facebook data extractor, Instagram scraper, Twitter scraper, etc. But, you have to pay individually for all of these scrapers that can be very costly. But, Anysite Web Scraper is the single tool that can scrape data from all these sites and you don’t require a single string of code to use it. It is an all in one data extraction software. That is why Anysite Scraper is the best choice for data extraction in 2020.

Extract Any Kind Of Data From Any Website With Anysite Scraper

2. Google Maps Data Extractor

Google Maps Scraper is specifically designed to collect business data from the business directory website, Google Maps. You can scrape businesses from  Google Maps by using this Google Maps Crawler. You can scrape business reviews, ratings, phone numbers, emails, business hours, image URLs, website links, and much more that is available on the business listing.

3. Cute Web Email Extractor

Some businesses really need customers' email data for email marketing campaigns. The Cute Web Email Extractor tool is specially developed to collect email data from the internet through different search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Ask, etc. If you really need a real email database for email marketing then this email scraper is the best option for this purpose.

4. Cute Web Phone Number Extractor

Some businesses and marketing campaigns really need actual and active phone numbers of potential clients to run their businesses like Call Centers, Telemarketers, SMS marketing campaigns, etc. In today's age, almost every business connects its customers through phone. If you have relevant and unique phone number lists, then nobody can beat you. You can collect thousands of phone numbers daily by using this phone number scraper.

5. Top Lead Extractor

Email and Phone Number Extractor is the best for those businesses that need both email and phone number databases. Moreover, you can collect email marketing data and telemarketing data by using these website scraping tools. Top Lead Extractor supports targeted searches like an advanced search of google, yahoo, bing, etc. It has an option to extract selected or all kinds of information like email addresses, phone numbers, messengers ids, and Skye id.

However, if you know the basic limitations and advantages of the different tools, you can make web scraping a fruitful and delightful experience! You can definitely grow your business by using these web-page scraping tools.


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