Women Should Engage More in Courtship

The general norm has been that a man should make an advance towards a lady if he likes her and for her to reject him if she doesn't, but not the other way around. Women who make advances are looked upon as wayward. That appears to be a double standard levied against women. It seems women have largely accepted this form of relationship interaction. This is the 21st century already. Shouldn't women make approaches if they feel connected to someone without the thought of being considered wayward or slutty?

For some women their general acceptance to such a relationship style is mainly because they relish the thought of rejecting a guy. A lot of women I would imagine just can't deal with the thought of rejection, perhaps that is why they have largely found it more acceptable in social norms for the male to do the dancing.

Women should feel liberated to express their sexual instincts and love for men whenever they choose to just like men without any fear of societal isolation. Women should enjoy going up to men, asking them out etc as men often do.

This may seem a rather drastic and radical proposition to some, but it is just common sense that women should enjoy dating men, expressing their affection and enjoy coaxing men into a relationship. It would be nice fora lady to walk up to a guy in a bar and ask him out and not just wait, sit and be asked.

For many women, it is frustrating that society seems to impose on them to wait and be asked when they could just walk up to a guy and find out if he is interested in them. Some men are either shy or deplore the thought of rejection even if it might not exist. Letting the women having to do the bidding and enjoy the game if you wish it would be helpful in cultivating a more harmonious and sexually fulfilling lives for both men and women.

Why do men always have to ask first? Seems society and the ideas of a few got imposed on everyone. That should not be the case. No one should dictate the limits of the sexual preference of other adults. This seems to have been inculcated deep into every culture that there is an immediate and sudden rejection of the idea by many.

Some women prefer the idea that men should take charge and bear the responsibility if things go wrong. They will say, he chased me until I fell for him. I did not want to be with me, although I gave in after hesitating for a while. There is nothing that fascinates me more than courtship.

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