All You Need to Know About Divorce in the UAE

All You Need to Know About Divorce in the UAE

Failed, abusive relationships lead to people getting divorced. One thing everyone who is undergoing a divorce should be aware of is the divorce proceeding. It is here where they may need assistance of family lawyers in Dubai to help them through their divorce process. Many of the expats are unaware of the divorce proceedings in UAE. There are a lot of things to be considered before getting divorced. Not following the processes accordingly can lead to complications. That is why you should be hiring divorce lawyers in Dubai.


A choice for Expats Wanting a Divorce:

 Expats have a choice when it comes to the laws and regulations governing the divorce processes. If the couple was married outside the UAE, but are presently residents of UAE, they may request to apply the law of their nationality.


Divorce for Muslim & Non-Muslim Expats:

 For Muslim expats, the Shariah law is applicable. However, an expatriate may request to apply the law of their nationality so long as it is consistent with the application of Sharia. They would have to provide the legal version of their home country’s laws, and they should be approved and translated by the Ministry of Justice as well.


 Many expats prefer to go through UAE’s divorce proceedings as it is comparatively faster and economical. Preferring to going back to home country and following the divorce process may prove expensive and time consuming. That is why many couples prefer to get divorced in the UAE rather than their home country.


Reason for Getting Divorced:

 There can be a lot of reasons for getting divorced. Adultery, mental and physical torture, abuse, etc. are some of the reasons that cause a couple to split ways.


 Not all divorces are mutual. There are cases where one of the spouses asks for a divorce while the other one is unwilling. In such cases, the process becomes complicated. Therefore, you should seek assistance of family lawyers in the UAE. When one of the spouses isn’t ready for divorce, the legal procedures is different.


In a physical abuse case, there are possibilities for parties to resort to blame game and therefore may need witnesses and evidences. Such cases require time and can involve delayed proceedings. There will be medical reports needed for evidence. If such proofs do not exist, then two male witnesses would be needed. Note that if there is one male witness and one female witness, the female would be considered as half a witness. If the judge wants to consider female one witness, he may exercise his discretion.


 Child custody is one of the main issues when parents get separated. Most of the times, both parents will strive to get custody of their child, but the most deserving one gets to have the children as the court favors the best interest of the child.


Expats can seek legal assistance from divorce lawyers and family lawyers in Dubai. Mutual divorce cases can be settled in weeks while other cases may require more time. Expats need to know what their actual rights are so that they may follow the applicable rules and regulations to protect their interest. Seek assistance from the best divorce lawyers in Dubai when it comes to handling your divorce cases.

Mr. Hassan Elhais is professional Divorce Lawyers Dubai, UAE, who has obtained a diploma in Private Law
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