What You Need To Know About Hanging Art

What You Need To Know About Hanging Art

Hanging art or pictures on your walls can bring a different feel to a room. It can add a sense of warmth, character or convey a mood for the room. Hanging art, the right way will enrich the space, however, poorly placed art or pictures can really have the opposite effect leaving a room looking cluttered or poorly aesthetically. Therefore, it is important to follow a few basic guidelines when hanging art to ensure your art enriches the room.

There are a few ways to hang art and pictures in your house, office or business, the traditional method of lining up an artwork and then hammering in nails or hooks to the wall is really the most difficult and frustrating way. A much simpler and stress saving way is to use a picture hanging system such as The Gallery System. Comprising of a rail that is easily installed below your cornicing, or where you choose, the Gallery System allows you to hang art and pictures with ease, with no damage to the walls when you decide to move or change artworks.   Once the rail is installed, a line is attached by clips and adjustable hooks to the rail and back of the artwork, this allows for the artwork to be moved up and down and sideways easily as its slides along the rail or on the line.

Commonplace is many galleries, parliament buildings and universities around the world and fast becoming the must have way to hang pictures in family homes, the Gallery System is affordable, versatile and easy to use. Once you have decided to invest in this revolutionary art hanging system there are a few basic rules and guidelines to help ensure your artworks and pictures look right on the wall.

What you need to know before hanging art

Hanging art can often instil fear into a grown man when asked to just hang that picture on the wall. Trying to figure out where to place art and how high or low can be a thing of nightmares for many. To help save the stress and take the worry out of hanging art there are a few basic rules to follow that will help you hang your art and pictures like a professional in no time.

Firstly, a common guideline it to have the centre of the picture approximately 155-160cms from the floor, this is generally where the eye goes to when looking comfortable at an artwork or wall. With a large artwork this may not be possible, and a small artwork would look ridiculous on an empty wall on its own, so this basic guideline can be used alongside others.

Secondly, when hanging smaller pictures, find the centrepoint, as mentioned above, and space the smaller artworks evenly around this centepoint, keeping it as the focus. This may mean you have two higher, two in the centrepoint and two lower. A set of 5 smaller artworks often works well together, with the middle one centred and the others evenly placed around. This centrepoint rule is flexible and if you have a particularly high wall or large artwork, use it as a guide and adjust til the artwork is centred comfortably for the eye to see. A Gallery System for hanging art is perfect for helping align pictures and art without worrying about holes in the wall, by easily adjusting the height it is easy to see which artworks work well with each other and where.

Another guideline to consider is furniture, when hanging art above furniture, it may not be possible to use the centrepoint rule, this may put your artwork right on top of a sideboard or lounge. In this instance it is best to centre on the remaining wall above the furniture, not too high to the ceiling and not too low against the furniture.

Lastly choose artwork that goes together in a room, pick a theme, colour scheme, or style, this doesn’t have to be set in concrete but something that bonds the art in a room will have a more cohesive feeling than for example a black and white with a pastel watercolour. Consider a collection of smaller prints, or a large print with complimentary smaller ones for a statement wall. Or 3 larger artworks all with something in common. This also works well for photos, different sizes and same sizes work well together to bring a lively photo wall. Another handy idea is to lie your art on the floor in the arrangement you would like and stand up high to see what you think before hanging.

Lastly remember hanging art in a personal space such as your home has to be something you like and are happy to look at. The Gallery System will give you flexibility to change and experiment with moving artworks and pictures without the stress of holes in the walls. Buy art that makes you happy, and add to it with smaller prints to add cohesiveness, experiment and find your style, art should bring you happiness but stress and with a hanging art system such as The Gallery System anyone can hang art like a professional.

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