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Computer technology is advancing so rapidly now that it seems like there are new laptops with trackpoint coming out onto the market every few weeks. It can be hard to keep up with the latest designs and improvements that manufacturers are making. However, the pace of change is so quick because the desire for lightweight laptops only increases.

The Advantages of Going with Lightweight Laptops

The advantages of having one of these portable computers are numerous.  Being able to work on the move has changed the lives of many people. If you already own a laptop of some sort, then you should think about how much more difficult life would be if you were unable to carry your work and your connection to the internet around with you. By reducing the weight and size of laptop computers, manufacturers hope to make working on the move even easier.

With a truly smaller and lighter laptop, you can ditch the cumbersome bag in which you used to lug around your computer. Instead, you can carry these newer, lightweight laptops in slim totes that will not get in the way as you travel. The great thing is that you will not lose any of the old features that you had with your heavier laptop. Computer designers just keep finding ways to fit more and more into smaller packages. Besides being able to carry your work with you, these ultraportable lightweight laptops can also let you watch movies on their wide screens wherever you find yourself.

Things to Watch Out For With Lightweight Laptops

Lightweight laptops are convenient and useful, but you should remember that lighter eventually means less, no matter how good manufacturers have become at putting more capability into smaller packages. While many laptops come with a lot of memory, there is no denying that you can get more in a desktop model from the same company. Also, every laptop fights the same war with overheating. Some models are more successful than others. Because battery problems and overheating issues remain prevalent, consider carefully any guarantees and extended warranty possibilities associated with any laptop purchase. Laptopslab will provide you the best laptops with reviews too.

Reviews of Lightweight Laptops

Lenovo X220

The latest processes developed by Intel have led to the creation of chips that demonstrate superior performance and suffer from much less leakage. This improves battery power and gives it longer life. The Lenovo X220 comes with one of these processors and touts a battery life of up to 23 hours, depending on the power configuration.

The X220 also delivers a quick boot time while running Windows 7. There is little more annoying than taking your convenient laptop out with you and having to sit and wait for an interminable period while it boots up before you can get to work. The X220 will completely boot up in 20 to 30 seconds.


The Macbook Air comes in two versions, one armed with the Intel Core i5 and the other with the newly released Core i7. The processing performance of these models is roughly 2.5 times faster than previous generations. This ultra-slim model also comes in two sizes, one with an 11-inch screen and the other with a 13-inch. The second model is even more ideal for watching films and viewing graphics.

This Apple laptop comes with a Thunderbolt port that can transfer data at speeds 20 times faster than the USB 2.0.  The all Flash storage of the Macbook Air increases the model’s reliability, speed and efficiency. It also allows this laptop to remain on standby for as long as 30 days. This improvement allows you to snap your Macbook open anywhere, anytime and get right to work.

The backlit keyboard will save you from the annoying realization that you cannot see your keyboard in a dimly lit area. You will not be forced to turn on a disturbing light or lamp while in bed or on a crowded airplane full of drowsy passengers. This feature really makes your laptop an even more self-sufficient device. • Core i5 and i7 chips • Intel HD Graphics 3000 • 1.8 GHz • Flash storage • Backlit keyboard • Sells for US $999

Toshiba Portege R830 Notebook

One of Toshiba’s latest models is this extremely portable laptop that combines Intel’s Core i5 processor with an HD capable display. Amazingly, this tiny computer comes with 128 GB of Solid State Drive and 8 GB of DDR3 memory. The wireless capability is derived from its Centrino Advanced-N 6205 WLAN.

The operating system with the Toshiba Portege is Windows 7. You can enjoy the power and grace of this lightweight device on a 13-inch screen. The LED backlighting will give you excellent display and still preserve the battery power.

• Core i5 processor • 13-inch screen • Windows 7 • LED Backlighting • 128 GB memory • Possible sale price of $1249

MSI U135 Mini Laptop

If you are looking for inexpensive as well as lightweight when you look for laptops, then you may find the MSI U135 to be an ideal combination of economical and capable. This 10-inch laptop is truly portable and fitted out with Intel’s Atom N450 processor, with a power of 1.66 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and an amazing 160 GB in its hard drive space. Incredibly, this tiny model comes with three USB 2.0 ports and the usual jacks for microphones and headphones.

First among the possible drawbacks is its tiny size itself. With the smaller devices you have no palm rest or virtually none and this lack may be noticeable when you use the U135. Also, the operating system that comes with the laptop is the Windows 7 starter version.

• Lithium-Ion battery • 10-inch display screen • 160 GB Hard Drive • 1.66 GHz processing speed • Inbuilt webcam • Windows 7 starter edition

These models are just a few of the latest issues from the leaders in lightweight laptops. Their advantages far outweigh the disadvantages associated with any limitations in any model. When choosing from among these lightweight laptops, you will have to decide how important size and weight are when compared to power and efficiency.

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