Tips for High Engagement Linkedin Post

Are you looking to grow your business profile or your personal network? Then LinkedIn should be the platform you should be focusing at. With the right Linkedin marketing campaigns, you can use the platform to raise brand awareness and boost traffic to your business. However, there are many people who do not use LinkedIn to its potential! Copy-pasting latest blogs for promotion won't help in generation of engagement, leads or sales.


Therefore, we list out several ways in which you can expertly use LinkedIn to boost its engagement:


1. Using a personal profile:

Personal profiles dominate LinkedIn compared to company pages. Company pages are valuable as they can provide lots of information related to your business and support a network of your employees. However, personal profiles get more views and higher engagement since you cannot send connection requests or messages from a company profile. You also cannot use LinkedIn publisher from a business page. Therefore, you should be posting from a personal profile for maximum engagement.


2. Updated information:

Outdated information does not leave a good impression with the audience, leaving people thinking that you aren't active and will not be worth the engagement. People often search based on critical criteria. Hence, you should keep all your information updated as people maybe conducting searches based on industry, company, location, job position, etc.


3. Polished photos:

Since LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, your profile should consist of images that showcase a professional appearance. Your profile photo should be of high-quality and professional-looking. Your profile photo can be a reflection of your field of work. And with the background photo, you can use images that can help you communicate your brand and showcase valuable information.


4. Compelling content:

The content on your profile should clearly communicate your brand's story and should carry a relevant value. It would help if you were making use of keywords to come up in relevant search results. Your content should be providing value to the people finding it. The most essential content on your LinkedIn profile is your headline & summary. Your headline acts as an elevator pitch, assiting to provide context and a "hook" to keep them on your profile. Linkedin management services can come handy here.


5. Proofreading:

Since LinkedIn is a platform for professionals, you need to make sure the content that goes on this platform is thoroughly checked and is free from all sorts of grammar and spelling mistakes. Avoiding such mistakes can help you preserve your brand's image and increase your engagement. Make use of tools like Grammarly and Prowritingaid that can check grammar and spelling for you.


6. Highlighting skills:

LinkedIn offers several sections that you can to showcase your skills. These sections include languages spoken, volunteer work, honours and awards, the patents you hold, the causes you care about, etc. Add such elements creates more opportunities for people to connect with you. Skills and endorsements enable LinkedIn members to experience up to 17x more views!


7. Get recommended:

Recommendations are a form of proof as they provide third-party validation that you are an established and credible professional. If you do not have any recommendations for your profile, it is about time you start asking for them. You can ask your past clients and professional clients to recommend you. And to get the most out of your recommendations, ask if they can share specific details about something you want attention called to.


These tips will help you get the most out of LinkedIn's performance. Focusing to maximise your profile page content for search results and engaging with users with excellent messaging are ways to boost your engagement on LinkedIn. Here's to professional networking with LinkedIn management services!

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