Importance Of Continuous Integration And Delivery In Agile Software Development

Agile development methods have provided considerable benefits to software teams for a long time. This is instead an incremental development practice where solutions are found with the help of collaborative development. Continuous Integration hold delivery has great importance when it comes to the agile software development model.


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery:


  • Continuous Integration: Continuous Integration, also known as CI, is an application of the architecture-based approach. It is one of the most disciplined methodologies. In this, any base code can be any complete code, and it can be continuously tested by associates several times in a day. This process is automated, and it can test the code for all types of errors and omissions.


  • Continuous Delivery: This can be considered the next step that agile software development companies need to take after continuous integration. This is something that ensures quick delivery of components or overall applications to the consumers once it has been tested and changed. This is something that helps enterprises maintain their reputation and standard in the market and stand above all others in the same sector.


Benefits Of Continuous Integration And Delivery In Agile Software Development-

1. Fully Functional increment

During continuous integration, it is taken care that all the roles and functions are automatically placed in a position so that the work can be consistent. There is an increment in product development at the end of each iteration. This is something that makes sure that all the tasks happen smoothly and at a constant pace with increment in all the functions. It also affects total production overall.

2. Improved Productivity

The CD/CI pipelines that are well-oiled will allow any agile software development company to respond in a better way to the changes that happen in the market. This is very important to stay ahead of the competitors in the market. The ones who can respond faster are most productive, and productivity is the only thing that makes an enterprise best or worst. This is one of the most important reasons why CD/CI is important for agile software development.

3. Reduced Cost For Tests

When testing becomes automated, many things are improved. The most important thing that happens is the improvement in the efficiency of the testing process. Manual testing takes a lot of time and is also unnecessary. All the people who think automation will kill manual testing and take away their jobs need to understand that it can never take its place. Human testers can even provide inputs to decide which testing processes should be automated and which ones should be manual. There is a lot of workload on manual work testers, and this will also reduce the testing cost. This can save two things that can help any enterprise the most in their growth - cost and time.

4. More Code Coverage

CI can check the code for any errors or gaps in between. The coverage of the code can be increased, and that can help agile software developers to improve the quality of their software development processes. When integration and automated testing happen continuously, it can increase transparency and subsequently, the accountability of the working team. This is something that helps agile software development companies to a great extent

5. Quicker To Market

Many agile software development companies are making modern and efficient software delivery engines. These companies are doing it by creating processes that are repeatable and can standardize the best development processes. Continuous integration and delivery is something that allows the enterprises to improve their delivery system and market their products in a better way. This also enables these enterprises to get feedback from their consumers and respond to them as fast as possible. Outsource software development needs quick marketing, and agile companies can do that with the help of CI/CD. 


Agile Software development companies need to understand the importance of continuous integration and delivery(DevOps Solutions). All the benefits of this are mentioned above. Developers and enterprises need to be smart to be able to gain more from these concepts. This is a time when automation, integration, and delivery are getting very important. These are also a thing that makes it easy for them to respond to the changes in the market. The market is changing, and the way agile software development companies used to sustain has changed too. It is essential to keep up with the trends, and CI/CD is one of those trends that can do wonders for them. It is not something that they can ignore or take for granted. Businesses will need something that can help them improve their productivity as well as automation power. It is important for all the outsourcing software development services too.

Not just automation, integration continuity is also important, and as mentioned above, it can have incremental effects on the overall functionality of the enterprises. This is something that will help the enterprises grow at a better rate and stay ahead of all their competitors in the long run.


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