Mental health and its importance in daily life
Mental health and its importance in daily life

Mental health refers to our emotional well being and cognitive behavior. It is about how people behave, think and act. Sometimes people use the word mental health to mean there is no presence of any mental problem. Mental health can affect everything from your everyday life to all your activities to all your relationships. When you look after your mental health you preserve your ability to enjoy everything happening around. It is about reaching balance between your responsibilities and activities. There are different conditions like stress, anxiety and depression that affect your mental health and change a person’s life on a very large extent. When it goes for a longer period of time it might turn very serious and can make it worse.

Mental health disorders: There are a few common mental disorders that we will discuss below:

○ Anxiety disorder

○ Mood disorder

○ Depression

● Anxiety disorder:

 According to a research anxiety is known to be one of the most common disorders. Individuals with these conditions have extreme fear or uneasiness, which relates to a few objects or circumstances. Most individuals with an anxiety disorder will attempt to dodge exposure to anything that starts their anxiety. Those suffering from anxiety might also face some physical symptoms like:

○ Tense muscles

○ Fatigue

○ Interrupted sleep

○ Restlessness

Those people who have a general anxiety disorder do not need anything to trigger their anxiety. These people face anxiety even in some daily life activities. There is no proper treatment for anxiety. You can take medicines to temporarily stop the symptoms. You can get these medicines from UK pharmacy meds and other online pharmacies. If your mental disorders are not serious to take medicines then you can make it better by making simple life changes.

● Mood disorder:

Some people might call mood disorder as affective or depressive disorder. People who have this condition have their mood changing every now and then and might also go through a condition called mania in which patients feel highly excited or very depressed. There are a few types of mood disorders that we will state below:

○ Major depression

○ Seasonal affective disorder

○ Bipolar disorder

● Major depression:

 A person with major depression encounters a consistent low temperament and loses their interest in exercises and events that they usually felt delighted in. They can sometimes feel prolonged periods of depression or extreme sadness

● Seasonal affective disorder:

 Diminished daylight during the season of fall, winter, and early months of spring trigger this sort of major depression. It is most common in nations distant from the equator.

● Bipolar disorder:

An individual who has bipolar disorder encounters unordinary changes in their mood, levels of their energy, their activity levels, and their ability to continue with everyday life. Periods of high temperament are called hyper phases, whereas depressive phase bring out low mood.

● Depression:

 Depression is more than just feeling low every time. Everybody feels disturbed or unmotivated from time to time, but depression is much more serious. It could be a mood disorder characterized by prolonged sentiments of sadness and loss of interest in day by day activities. In case these side effects continue for a period of two weeks, it is called a depressive episode.

● Causes of depression:

There is no specific cause of depression. It comes out by what your genetic makeup is and what environmental conditions you are facing. There are many things that we should look for when assessing depression these are:

○ The chemistry and physical structure of your brain

○ Depression history in your family

○ History of any other disorder running in your family

○ Traumatic or stressful even that happened in your life

○ Hormonal changes

○ Some medications also cause depression

● Treatment:

There are few managing techniques that can be used to treat your medical conditions. Treatment varies from individual to individual. One thing that might act for one person might not act for the other person. There are different medicines that are used for the treatment of depression but there are many side effects of taking these medicines like Dysérection (erectile dysfunction), prolonged sleeping, feeling dizzy all the time etc. There are a few combinations that work more successfully when given together. You can also treat your illness with simple daily life changes. You should walk daily, take part in different exercises, go outside, meet your friends etc. This is also a way how you can treat your mental disorders.

Mental disorders are as serious as any other disease. In our society we feel it wrong to get ourselves treated from psychological problems, we should take it seriously and get ourselves treated from any illness even if it is a minor mental illness. If you will not get yourself treated properly then it might turn into any other major disease. Depression if not treated for a very long time might start affecting you physically and can cause further problems for you.

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