6 Worst Weight Loss Tips
6 Worst Weight Loss Tips

When it comes to bad advice on weight loss, nutritionists hear from a wide variety of clients.

Here are some tips that nutrition experts would like to knock you out of your head and proven strategies to change them.

1. "Stop eating gluten"

Nutritionists have repeated this over and over again: if you do not have celiac disease or non-celiac sensitivity to gluten, there is no reason to eliminate gluten from your diet and there is no evidence that doing so makes it easier to lose unnecessary pounds. "Choosing a gluten-free diet will force you to spend a lot more on food, which will remove good-tasting bread and pizza from your menu, and won't guarantee lower calories," says Georgie Fear, author of Lean Habits for Lifelong Weight Loss. "Even if you can't eat bread and pasta without giving up gluten, there are many gluten-free products, such as cookies and cakes, that will secretly return all those calories to your diet in any case."

Therefore, it is better to enjoy gluten-rich foods in moderation than with anything else.

2. "The whole point lies in training"

You may have heard the phrase that it is impossible to escape a bad diet. And that’s the real truth. "I've heard many times that clients put their workouts on a pedestal above diet and other lifestyle habits," says Devon Golem, Ph.D., who runs the Didactic Dietetics program at New Mexico State University. - The truth is that if we are already talking about short-term weight loss, it is scientifically proven that diet alone is more effective than exercise alone. Long-term weight loss requires a combination of diet, exercise, and other lifestyle changes. ”

3. "If it's healthy, you don't have to keep track of how much you eat"

Yes, we know, we know that no one likes to measure everything with glasses and spoons. However, portion size is important, especially when it comes to high-calorie fats, says Lisa Young, a doctor of nutrition at New York University who wrote The Portion Teller. "I've had clients who have gained weight thinking that way," says a nutrition expert. "Nuts, avocados, and olive oil are healthy fats, but portions need to be monitored!"

4. "Diet Freedom Day will support your metabolism"

Sorry, lovers of freedom from the diet. Mr. Fear warns that the sharp increase in calories you get on a day off from a diet is likely to turn into fat stores. “The best way to keep your metabolism going and get rid of fat is definitely not all pizza cheering on Sunday. It is better to eat little carbohydrates every day, plus strength training several times a week, get enough sleep and consume as many calories as you need - these rules must be followed every day of the week, "said a nutritionist.

5. "Diet and exercise are the only things worth worrying about"

Sleep, stress, and the environment all play a vital role in losing unnecessary pounds. “There is a clear link between sleep and weight. The less we sleep, the more we weigh, ”says Golem.“ Stress is another factor you need to keep in mind, especially if you drink alcohol and food for relaxation. Chronic stress affects the hormones that regulate appetite, as well as the hormones that regulate how your body burns calories. ” It is also worth paying attention to the environment around you, warns D. Golem. It has been scientifically proven that people who keep unhealthy products like carbonated drinks or biscuits on kitchen cabinets weigh up to ten kilograms more than those who do not have such a habit. So, pay attention to what foods you regularly have at home or at work. ”

6. "You must give up all unhealthy foods"

Well, you can dance the dance of victory - you don’t have to give up fried potatoes and ice cream (or any other food you consider unhealthy) at all. "It is possible to be greasy, sweet, cheese, and even alcohol is possible," Golem continues. "The most important thing is what you eat most of the time." Also, if your diet is too strict, it is very likely that it will have the opposite effect, leading to a lack of willpower and the onset of overeating attacks. How do you usually follow the Saiko rule? "Set boundaries," Golem advises. - For example, I like desserts, but this is one of the products that provoke me - it is very difficult for me to limit myself to a properly sized portion when they are constantly at hand. So, the limit for my desserts is one serving only once a week - on Friday evenings. ”

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