Every Driver must Know these Tips and Tricks
Every Driver must Know these Tips and Tricks

If you’re a driver, you already know that owning a vehicle and using it on a day-to-day basis is more than just merely getting into it, turning the ignition key, and pressing the pedals till you get where you want.

Car maintenance, in general, is a complex array of small checkups and tasks and it needs to be performed regularly to prevent larger calamities down the road. The thing is, a small oil leak probably won't be that much of a problem, but if you don't address it straight away and it gets larger, you run the risk of your engine running out of oil while you're driving, which then results in a disaster. (An engine without oil quickly becomes merely a lump of metal that’s welded itself shut, by the way.)

Driving schools often teach these basics to their candidates and some even specialize in training drivers for driving in special conditions and roads, such as ice roads in Alaska or desert roads in Australia. If you are from Australia and still need to pick up your license, you can start your driving lessons in Sydney to either obtain a new driver’s license from scratch or upgrade the existing one you have.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some common tips and tricks you can use to either clean your car, be in better control of it, or fixing some of the smaller damages. Some of these may seem silly at first, but if you follow them to a T, you’re going to see some interesting results.

What Side the Fuel Tank is On

While most people already know what side their fuel tank is on because they’ve been driving their cars for years, it can happen to everyone that they forget about this crucial piece of information, which can lead to some annoying situations at a gas station.

Of course, if you’re driving a rental vehicle or you’ve borrowed a car from your friend, you may not be sure what side the fuel tank is on right away.

Luckily for everyone who's either clueless or tends to forget stuff like that now and again, there's a small arrow indicating the position of the fuel tank in your car on your dashboard – and it’s printed right next to the fuel pump symbol so you can’t possibly miss it.

Toothpaste and Headlights

After you’ve spent some time driving your vehicle, you may notice a slight yellowing of the headlights.

The thing is, this 'sediment' gathers over months and years, so it tends to go unnoticed for a long time because our eyes are gradually getting used to it. The problem is that dirt, smog, and other pollutants slowly but surely start sticking to the headlight, so in time it becomes yellower. What's annoying about this is that this sediment can appear either on the inside or on the outside of the headlight.  

Now, while there’s not much you can do to tackle the inside of the headlight situation, the outside problem can be fixed with toothpaste, believe it or not.

As long as the toothpaste itself has some of the gritty stuff in it, you can simply spread it on the headlight, let it stay there for a couple of minutes, and then use a clean rag and some water to wash it off. In case the toothpaste you’re using does not have the tiny gritty particles, you can simply add some baking soda to achieve the effect.

De-Icing a Frozen Lock

In case you don't have a central lock or it's out of function, you'll have to open the door of your locked vehicle the old-fashioned way, and this is where certain problems can pop up if the weather outside is cold.

The thing is, frozen locks are nothing new, and throughout the short automotive history, people have resorted to many different de-icing methods – from holding their thumb against the lock to heating their key with a lighter before inserting it into the lock.

One of the easiest ways to de-ice a frozen lock would be to simply pour a little bit of alcohol onto the key before trying the lock with it. The alcohol with melt the ice inside in a matter of moments, so turning the key will be possible.

 All in all, as long as you know the basics of how a car works, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what the most crucial systems are and why it is important to perform regular maintenance on them. As long as you do that and use a couple of hacks from above to get rid of some of the minor cosmetic problems, you can rest assured you will have many years of quality motoring ahead of you.

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